Thursday, September 22, 2011

Charlene Gallego, Serial Killer Sexual Sadist - 1980

In 1984, Gerald Gallego was tried for murder in both California and Nevada. In both instances, Charlene testified against him. In exchange for her testimony, Charlene was not charged in California and she agreed to plead guilty to murder and receive a sentence of sixteen years and eight months in Nevada. Gerald was convicted in both states and was sentenced to death in both states. His death sentence in Nevada was overturned in 1999 and he won the right to a new sentencing hearing, but the new jury also sentenced him to death. [Wikipedia]

11 victims: 8 women and teenage girls; one man; one pre-birth infant

~ September 10, 1978 – Rhonda Scheffler (age 17) and Kippi Vaught (age 16); Sacramento County, California

~ June 24, 1979 – Brenda Judd (age 14) and Sandra Colley (age 13); Reno, Nevada, 

~ April 24, 1980 –  Stacey Redican and Karen Chipman Twiggs; Citrus Heights, California.

~ November 2, 1980 – Craig Miller (22) and Mary Elizabeth Sowers (21), Sacramento, California

~ June 7, 1980, Linda Aguilar (21) and pre-birth infant (4 months), Gold Beach, Oregon

~ July 17, 1980, Virginia Mochel (34), Yolo County, California


Links to more cases: Female Serial Killers Who Like to Murder Women


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