Thursday, September 22, 2011

Empress of China Wu Zetian, Reputed Serial Killer - 705

Empress Wu Ze Tian (February 17, 624 – December 16,  705), the only female ruler in Chinese history, usurped the throne in 690 and is credited by many historians with founding the Tang Dynasty. The daughter of a Shanxi lumber dealer, she grew up in Shaanxi and was briefly a nun before she worked her way up to empress from a low-ranking concubine. Regarded as a tyrant, she reportedly killed many of her rivals and changed the name of the dynasty from Tang to Chou (or Zhou) although it was changed back after she died.

According to traditional accounts: She suffocated her own newborn daughter, accused the empress of the crime, and then replaced her. She killed or exiled their supporters and countless others; she murdered twelve branches of the imperial family; she purged the scholars and killed or exiled them and their families; she had the crown prince Li Hong poisoned. [Gary Lee Todd, “Evil Women Tyrants: Is History Telling Us the Truth?” May 21, 2010]


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