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Euphemia Mondich, Detroit Black Widow Serial Killer - 1924

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): Detroit, Sept.. 9. — Having confessed, according to the police, that he killed a sweetheart four years ago, after she had helped him hide the body of her eighth husband whom he had slain, Mrs. Euphemia Mondich was being questioned by the authorities today in an effort to determine where her other husbands are.

Information furnished by the woman’s ninth husband three days ago led to her arrest. Mrs. Mondich told the authorities she did not know the name of the man she killed, except that he was known as “John” were unearthed yesterday under a  house formerly occupied by Mrs. Mondich. According to the police, Mrs. Mondich under grilling, confessed she had killed "John" with his own revolver, a week after she had seen him club her eighth husband, John Sokoloski, to death in an automobile.

"John" then came to live with her, she told the police and remained in her home about a week One clay, she said, he came to the house and threatened to kill her. "I made him put the revolver on the fable," she informed the police. "I though he would kill me, so I picked up the gun and shot him."

She then described how she went under the house, dug a hole and dragged John's body from the house and buried it.

She married Steve Mondich, she said, shortly afterward. Mondich, according to the police, became incensed when she left him and took their automobile which they owned jointly, and furnished information which led to the discovery of the bones of a man under the house.

[“Woman Tells Police That She Murdered Eighth .Husband and Then Sweetheart,” Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nv.), Sep. 10, 1924, p. 1]


FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 2):: Detroit – A 77-year-old Detroit woman, convicted in 1924 of the murders of a lover and one of her four husbands, died Monday night in the Detroit House of Correction.

She was Euphemia Mondich, whose second and fourth husbands once met to congratulate each other on being alive. The woman was serving a life term.

Mrs. Mondich's first husband died mysteriously. The skeleton of her lover, John Urdovich, was dug up by police under a house she once owned. She admitted shooting Urdovich.

The body of her third husband, Joe Sokolsky, never was found. She said she and Urdovich had buried it where a building now stands.

[“Woman Convicted Of Murders Dies,” syndicated (AP), Aug. 29, 1961, p. 4-A]



For links to other cases of woman who murdered 2 or more husbands (or paramours), see Black Widow Serial Killers.


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