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Fathers' Rights Pickets & Protests: 1930-1991

PHOTO CAPTION: SHACKLED IN PRISON – J. E. Welch demonstrates in Washington shackles he was forced to wear in Venezuela jail. He has been trying to get aid for a small daughter held in Venezuela.

PHOTO CAPTION: PLEADS TO SEE CHILD – Policeman talks with Philip Chain, 38, who is picketing his former wife in Hollywood, Cal., with a sign pleading he be permitted to see the couple’s child, Darlene, 3.  He told police their divorce decree gave him visiting rights, but the former wife, Esther, refused to let him see Darlene, saying the girl is sick. Police said the picketing broke no law.

[“Pleads To See Child,” syndicated (AP), The Chillcothe Constitution-Tribune (Mo.), Nov. 5, 1952, p. 5]

PHOTO CAPTION: PICKETS FOR PATER RIGHTS — For the second time since being divorced in 1952. Philip Chain, 38, above, picketed the Los Angeles home of his former wife, Mrs. Esther Critichfield Chain, because she was not at home when he came to visit their 4-year-old daughter, Darlene. According to a court order, Mr. Chain explains, he can visit the child on Sundays and holidays, but this Sunday when he arrived there was a sign on the door reading “Not at home,” so he put up the placards and started picketing the house.

[“Pickets For Pater Rights,” syndicated (NEA), The Sandusky Register-News (Oh.), Dec. 23, 1953, p. 7]

PHOTO CAPTION: BEWARE, YOUNG LOVERS: Young couple gazes with interest Thursday as Jay Burchett, national vice president of United States Divorce Reform, Inc., carries picket sign calling for reform in front of the Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana.

[Knight, Ken, “Protest ‘Trial by Combat’ and Legal Swindle’; Pickets Demand Reform of Calif. Divorce Laws,” Press-Telegram (Long Beach, Ca.), Jan. 17, 1964, Section B, p. 1]

PHOTO CAPTION: COURT PICKETS – Lee Blincoe, left, national director of American Marriage and Divorce Reform Inc., and Paul D. Mitchell, U. S. Divorce Reform Inc., picket Pasadena Superior Court to call attention to organizations’ efforts to reform divorce laws.

PHOTO CAPTION: FATHERS PROTEST – Divorced fathers picket county court house, seeking changes in child custody procedures. Calling the action a “Father-less Day” demonstration, members of Fathers United for Equal Rights protested what they termed the “legal kidnapping of our children” by the mothers. Men said they hope to encourage judges to award joint custody of children in a divorce.

[“Fathers Protest,” (photo & caption), Los Angeles Times (Ca.), Jun. 17, 1972]

PHOTO CAPTION: PROTESTS — Illustrating his view that alimony payments can be a tremendous financial drain on the average ex-husband, Paul Hanson, 55, takes stroll “dressed” in a barrel and shielded by umbrella . . . perhaps to symbolize that into each life some rain must fall. Hanson, a college professor, is chairman of Fathers United for Equal Rights, a Maryland group protesting the courts’ treatment of men in divorce cases. (UPI Photo)

[Gerald E. Fox, “Divorce - Fathers Uniting For Equal Rights,” syndicated (UPI), News Journal (Mansfield, Oh.), Sep 4, 1972, p. 5]

PHOTO CAPTION: MEN POWER — In a day of emphasized women’s rights, some Texas divorced fathers have banded together to fight for the right to the custody of their children. One of the fathers. Ed Cullum states, “Divorce courts in Texas and across the country still consistently award the custody of children in divorce proceedings to the mothers.” Here the group is shown picketing outside the Dallas County Courthouse.

PHOTO CAPTION: PICKETERS marched outside the circuit courthouse yesterday
protesting the imprisonment of a father in a child custody suit. The protesters were from a “Fathers United” organization which has staged similar demonstrations.

[Doug Struck, “Pickets support jailed father,” Evening Capital (Annapolis, Md.), Feb. 19, 1976, p. 17]

PHOTO CAPTION: Founder Norman Kopp of the Deprived and Discriminated Against Males of Central New York carries the organization's message by picketing.

[“Bring on Karen! – Men’s Rights Leader Wants Debate,” Syracuse Herald-Journal (N.Y.), Mar. 11, 1976, p. 20-E]

PHOTO CAPTION: A men’s rights group protests in Hackensack, N. J., against the American way of divorce, contending that the courts discriminate against ex-husbands and fathers in awarding alimony and custody of children.

[Daniel D. Molinoff, “Men’s Rights Groups Fight Divorce Laws, Parade Magazine (syndicated Sunday newspaper supplement), Apr. 3, 1977, p. 27]

PHOTO CAPTION: Divorced men seeking a fairer shake in custody cases.

[Frances Ellen Haskett, “The Fathers’ Rights Movement,” syndicated (UPI), European Stars & Stripes, Jul. 30, 1979, p. 14]

PHOTO CAPTION: Divorced men seeking a fairer shake in custody cases.

[Frances Ellen Haskett, “The Fathers’ Rights Movement,” syndicated (UPI), European Stars & Stripes, Jul. 30, 1979, p. 14]

PHOTO CAPTION: Members of Fathers United for Equal Rights picket the Arlington County Courthouse over custody rights.

[Marie B. Morris, Single Fathers Press Custody Issue,” Washington Post (DC.), Aug. 3, 1984, p. C4]

 PHOTO CAPTION: James Morack protests at the courthouse.

[Steve Weiss, “Fathers’ Rights Group Wants Equal Treatment,” Beaver County Times  (Beaver, Pa.), Oct. 8, 1987, p. A-8]

PHOTO CAPTION: Divorced fathers and their supporters carry signs to protest what they consider unfair treatment by the courts.

[Levenson, Edward, “Fathers Protest ‘Bias’ in Divorce,” The Intelligencer (Doylestown, Pa.), Feb. 15, 1991]

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