Thursday, September 22, 2011

Frau Hazyok, Serial Killer - 1907

FULL TEXT: A remarkable case of wholesale poisoning has just come to light in the Hungarian market town Knecz in the county of Temcsvar [currently Romania]. On the strength of anonymous information that half the persons buried in the cemetery there had died of poison, the authorities ordered 25 bodies to be exhumed, and analysts found considerable quantities of arsenic in 13 of them. So far four husbands and eight wives have been arrested on charges of suspected poisoning of their spouses. Among the arrested are two women who murdered two successive husbands, and one peasant who poisoned three wives. A woman named Petrubany [“Petromany” in other sources] was arrested when the discovery was first made, and now another woman called Hazyok has been arrested for providing the villagers with poison. Both poisoned their own husbands without exciting the least suspicion and they made business of helping other women and men to get rid of their husbands wives, taking payment in money or provisions, pigs, calves, etc

[“Wholesale Poisoners.” Mt. Sterling Advocate (Ky.), Apr. 24, 1907, p. 5]


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