Thursday, September 22, 2011

Helen Moeller, German Black Widow Serial Killer - 1943

FULL: TEXT: Stockholm, Nov. 23. – Berlin police have arrested Helen Moeller, 37, and charged her with the poison murders of five persons and the poisoning of five others, the Scandinavian telegraph bureau reported today.

The victims included three of her five husbands and two of her children. She reportedly told police that the husbands mistreated her and that she feared the children would inherit alcoholism from their fathers.

She was accused of twice attempting to murder her sister, the latter’s son and her present husband.

[“Poison Murders of Five Charged,” The Windsor Daily Star (Windsor, Ontario, Canada), Nov. 23, 1943, p. 10]



For links to other cases of woman who murdered 2 or more husbands (or paramours), see Black Widow Serial Killers.


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