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Jeanne Bonnaud, 17-Year-Old French Serial Killer of 5 Children - 1904

FULL TEXT: A young girl of eighteen [sic; French sources give the age of 17], named Jeanne Bonnaud, now detained in the prison of Saint Yrieix, in the department of Haute Vienne, France, has just confessed to an extraordinary series of infant murders.

Some weeks ago two young children named Habrias were found half dead at the bottom of a well in the village of Chatain, and they were only rescued in the nick of time. They said that they had been pushed in by a woman, and from the description they gave Jeanne Bonnaud was subsequently arrested. She protested her innocence, and accused the children's step-mother of the deed, but later, after making an ineffectual at tempt to escape, she asked to be allowed to make a confession.

She not only admitted having thrown the Habrias children into the well, but declared that she had also killed their eldest sister, aged five, by forcing a potato down her throat; that she killed another child, a little boy, by making him swallow a large stone; and that she was also responsible for the death of two other children, who were found at the bottom of another well some months ago.

In addition, she confessed that her own sister, Marguerite, had died from the effects of taking large quantities of paraffin oil administered by her.

The girl is to be examined by mental specialists.

[“A Child-Slayer A French Girl's Murders.” The Daily News (Perth, W.A., Australia), Oct. 26, 1904, p. 8; the name “Habrain” in the original has been corrected to “Habrias” in conformity with French sources.]



Eldest Habrias girl, aged 5 (forced a potato down her throat)
“a little boy” (made him swallow a large stone)
Child drowned #1 (found at bottom of well)
Child drowned #2 (found at bottom of well)

Habrias child # 2 (found at bottom of well half dead)
Habrias child # 3 (found at bottom of well half dead)


FULL TEXT: L'instruction de la terrible tragédie du village du Châtain est définitivement close.

La jeune Jeanne Bonnaud, âgée de dix-sept ans, prétendait jusqu'ici n'avoir commis que la double tentative d'assassinat des deux petits Habrias, qu'elle avait jetés dans un puits d'où ils ne furent retirés qu'à grand'peine. Elle vient de laire les aveux les plus complets.

C'est elle qui a tout fait dans cet abominable tuerie d'enfants; elle qui, outre les deux crimes précédents, a précipité dans le même puits les deux petits enf fants qu'on y a trouvés morts; elle qui a étouffé la petite fille des Habrias à l'aide d'une pomme de terre enfoncée de force dans la gorge.

Elle a ainsi commis, en quelques semaines, trois assassinats et deux tentatives d'assassinat.

La femme Lamassiauda, grand'mère des petites victimes, inculpée malgré ses dénégations, a été relâchée hier soir.

On connaît maintenant la vraie coupable, mais, comme nous l'avons annoncé déjà, Jeanne Bonnaud a été reconnue comme ne jouissant pas de toutes ses facultés mentales, mais on ne sait pas encore la sorte que la justice lui reserve.

[“Le Drame De Chatain,” Le Stéphanois, Sep. 20, 1904, p. 2]




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