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Linda Burfield Hazzard, Medical Serial Killer - 1911

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): Held at Port Orchard under $10,000 bail, charged with the willful murder of Miss Claire Williamson, wealthy English patient, Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard, the “starvation doctor,” is sure she will get ball today and be released. Miss Dorothea Williamson, the dead woman’s, sister, who was taken from Hazzard lodge, in Kitgap county, when but a wreck of 61 pounds, told today at the home of British Consul C. E. Lucian Agazziz at Steilacoom of her terrible experiences under Dr. Hazzard’s treatment.

The woman doctor was continually suggesting suicide to her patient, Miss Williamson says; was told of patients who threw themselves into the gulch, was warned not to throw herself out of a window to death, was told constantly that she was insane.

~ On Patient’s Property. ~

Mrs. Hazzard. who has founded her “hospital” at Olalla on the estate originally owned by Lewis Under, former speaker of the house of representatives, and who died under her care, was arrested Saturday afternoon.

The wife and children of Rader, who live in a little home near by, watched the procession pass away.

Consul Agazziz is probing several other cases of English people who died under Dr. Hazzard’s care. He charges that part of the Willlaawon sisters’ property has not been returned.

Dr. Hazzard tried to have herself named as the administrator of Miss Claire Williamson’s property and as guardian for Miss Dorothea. The intervention of friends blocked the plan.

The sisters were worth something like $400,000.

Under the care of Miss Conway, a family nurse, called to the case from Honolulu, Miss Williamson is slowly regaining her health.

Dr. Hazzard has been in the Sound country for several years, coming here from Minneapolis. Her husband is an ex-army lieutenant. She has one son by a former husband. The two men work for her at her “hospital.”

[“Starved Patients For Their Money - This Is Fearful Charge Made Against Mrs. Hazzard, Woman Doctor Of Seattle—Is Arrested And Held For Murder. - Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard Taken From Home, Formerly Owned By Victim, Charged With Killing Of Miss Claire Williamson.” The Tacoma Times (Wa.), Aug. 7, 1911, p. 1]

[Photo source: The Day Book (Chicago, Il.), Apr. 11, 1912, p. 30]

List of Hazzard’s victims – 15 cases, 8 women; 6 men, 1 (sex not identified)

1902 – (Carver County. Minnesota)
1908 – Daisey Maud Haglund
1908 – Ida Wilcox
1909 – Blanche B. Tindall
1909 – Viola Heaton
1909 – Eugene Stanley Wakelin (Died from a bullet in the head.)
1909 – Maude Whitney
1910 – Earl Edward Erdman
1911 – Frank Southard
1911 – C.A. Harrison
1911 – Ivan Flux
1911 – Lewis Ellsworth Rader
1911 – Claire Williamson
1913 – Ida J. Anderson
1913 – Mary Bailey

FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 2): Seattle, May 8.—Mrs. Linda Burfield Hazzard, 69, jailed for investigation while authorities prone her activities in connection with William Jussila, who said he lost 25 pounds in six weeks on a diet for stomach trouble. Mrs. Hazzard, whose license was revoked years ago, said she docs not treat patients.

[Photo standalone, Oakland Tribune Daily Magazine (Ca,), May 8, 1936, p. 27]


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