Thursday, September 22, 2011

Madame Rossner, Professional Infant Killer: Philadelphia - 1863

FULL TEXT; [From the Philadelphia North American, Dec. 10th.] Before Alderman Beiller, yesterday afternoon, was arraigned a female negress, whose name and profession we can best give by transcribing her business card, which reads— “Mad. Rossner, Gepruette Hebamme (midwife), No. 147 Green strasse.” This woman was, yesterday, before the Alderman. There were also present five different females, all of whom had been her patients, and all had been by her robbed of the responsibilities of maternity. Nothing that was ever told of the notorious Madame Rostell, or any of the sisterhood of child murderers, equals in atrocity the allegations concerning this woman. Even the detectives, who, by hardening experience, become indifferent to such crime, admit that the business of this woman was extensive beyond ail their previous experience. The hearing occupied two hours. The details were utterly unfit for publication. The hearing ended in the commitment of the woman without bail, and all the females who testified were obliged to give security for their forthcoming when the case was brought to Court. The detectives actually disinterred the bodies of children freshly buried in the woman’s yard.

[“An Appalling Infant Murder by Wholesale.” Sacramento Daily Union (Ca.), Jan. 3, 1863, p. 1]



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