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Portland, Oregon’s Punishment of Domestic Violence Against Women (Henry Shafer) - 1911

FULL TEXT: Fifteen lashes across the back with a cat o’ nine tails at the whipping post was the punishment inflicted on Henry Shafer of Portland, Ore., for beating his wife on the streets.

Shafer fell in a faint when the handcuffs were taken off but revived soon after and shook hands with Deputy Sheriff Frank Beatty, who had wielded the whip.

Shafer was arrested and soon afterward pleaded not guilty to the charge of assault and battery. Before Judge Cleland in the district court he changed he changed his plea to guilty and asked the leniency of the court. Deputy District Attorney Moser is recommending the whipping post as Shafer’s punishment said:

“This man has been guilty of repeated assaults upon his wife. On one occasion he stripped her, tied her fast to a chair and beat her with a strap. When the wife’s sister interceded on her behalf he beat her sister also.”

“I have never inflicted this sentence before,” said the judge, “but in this case I felt it to be just. The judgment of the court is that you receive fifteen lashes at the at the hands opf the sheriff or his deputy.”

Shafer was led from the courtroom to the jail, and the preparation for the execution of the sentence was carried on without returning Shafer to the cell. Before he went up to the court room Shafer told his cell mates that if he were whipped he would not flinch.

The wife beater was stripped to the waist and his hands fastened by handcuffs to the bars of the cell. The whip, a rawhide about two feet long with six lashes about eighteen inches long at the end, had not fallen the third time before Shafer’s determination not to flinch was forgotten and his cries could be heard all over the jail.

The whipping took place to the presence of Sheriff Stevens, Deputy Sheriff Bulger and Deputy District Attorneys Gus C. Moser and H. B. Adams. When the fifteenth lash had been struck and the handcuffs were taken off Shafer’s wrists he sank into a chair fainting. Salve and soothing liniments were applied to Shaefer’s back, and while the wounds were dressed he stretched his wrists, where the handcuffs had cut into them, and said:

“Look at those hands. In the old country black bread and work in the fields is good enough for a woman, but here they make a goddess of her. I have worked eight years with these hands for that woman. Now look at them, and it was she who brought it about.”

[“Faints Under Lash. – Wife Beater Whipped at Post in Portland, Ore. – With A Cat O’ Nine Tails. – Deputy Sheriff Wields Weapon Lustily in Brutal Husbands Bared Back Until Victim’s Howls Are Heard Throughout the Jail.” Warren Mirror (Pa.), Sep. 6, 1911, p. 6]


• You have been told that before the rise of feminism in the 1960s that domestic violence against women was tolerated by society as acceptable behavior and was not taken seriously by police and the courts.

You have been lied to. The people who told you these lies were paid to tell them you. In most cases you paid your own money (taxes and tuition fees) to be lied to.

Here is one of countless pieces of evidence that demonstrate the truth.

• To see more eloquent, vivid evidence proving the lie and giving you the truth, see:

19th Century Intolerance Towards Domestic Violence

Treatment of Domestic Violence Against Women Before 1960this post collects cases classified by the form of punishment or sentencing (whether judicial or through community action)

No, the claim that laws created by males were for the benefit of males is false. Yes, the "Rule of Thumb" myth has been proven to be a marxist-feminist hoax, taking an ancient English common historical notation published in the 18th century and extrapolating it into unsupported claims that 18th and 20th century United States communities, courts and legislatures (laws on the books) were in agreement with the18th century historical notation (Blackstone).


“[O]nly since the 1970s has the criminal justice system begun to treat domestic violence as a serious crime, not as a private family matter.”

From the entry: “Domestic Violence” on

This claim has been proven to be false.


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