Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Female Sentencing Discount

Another phrase describing what, in The Unknown History of MISANDRY blog, we call “Chivalry Justice,” is “the female sentencing discount.”

From the website SHATTERD MEN (spelled this way, not “shattered”):

Overall, female prisoners had shorter maximum sentences than men. Half of the women had a maximum sentence of 60 months or less, while half of the men had a sentence of 120 months or less. Excluding sentences to life or death, women in prison had received sentences that, on average, were 48 months shorter than those of men (mean sentences of 105 and 153 months, respectively). An estimated 7% of the women and 9% of the men received sentences to life in prison or the death penalty.


For more on this topic, see Chivalry Justice Checklist & Links


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