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Quebec Child Care Provider Who Murdered Children, Diana Lacroix - 1927

FULL TEXT: Hull, Que., March 19 – Mrs. Diana Lacroix, proprietress of a baby farm here, faces a manslaughter charge in connection with the death of three of seven infants in her keeping. Evidence showed the babies died of insufficient and impure nourishment and lack of care. Their bodies, it was stated, were like skeletons.

After the bodies of seven infants were found a coroner’s jury was called to inquire about the case. Upon hearing the evidence submitted the jury at once returned a verdict holding Mrs. Lacroix criminally responsible for the deaths.

A warrant for Mrs. Lacroix’s arrest was issued and a charge of manslaughter was placed against her.

It is intimated by the authorities that when she comes to trial further evidence will be submitted by the prosecution, to show that the baby farm was conducted on an extensive scale, as many as eight babies being kept there at one time, and that since August last, seven deaths have occurred there.

A mother of one of the children testified that on January 20 she had take the baby, only a month and a half old, but weighing six and three-quarter pounds and perfectly healthy, to Mrs. Lacroix. On February 10 it was dead and in such a terrible changed condition that the mother almost fainted when she saw it.

Dr. J. E. Champagne of Hull testified he had paid five visits to the Lacroix establishment and had attended five children of whom had died. In each case he had found the children to be suffering from acute lack of nourishment.

The “shack” which is the Lacroix home, is on an offshoot of the Chelsea road known as “Stovepipe Alley” because most of the residents were negroes. It is a one story building of the log cabin type, with hardly enough accommodation for two persons, decidedly unsanitary, and with no facilities for handling children of tender years, delicate or otherwise.

[“Death of 7 Babies Charged to Head of Baby Farm,” The Bee (Danville, Va.), Mar. 21, 1927, p. 4]


For more cases of “Baby Farmers,” professional child care providers who murdered children see The Forgotten Serial Killers.


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