Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sophie von Mesko Had Children with 5 Different Men, Murdered Them All – Hungary: 1889

FULL TEXT: The arrest has been made at Lipes, in Hungary, of a woman of good family and position, for the murder of six of her children. The accused is a widow, named Sophie von Mesko, who has long had a notoriously bad character, both on account of her dissipated life and the number of her lovers. As long ago as July last the corpses of two of her children were found in the neighbourhood of a church near her residence, and she was arrested on suspicion of having caused their death. Quite recently the police, in the course of a domiciliary visit, discovered the diary in which she had entered with the greatest minuteness a number of details concerning her relations with her many lovers, and the still more damaging revelation that she had killed four other children by different lovers. She also appears to have poisoned one of the latter. It was also stated in the diary that she had buried two of her children in the cellar of her house, and on being taken to this cellar she exhumed the bodies of the two children with the greatest coolness. The two other children she buried in an adjacent forest, and up to the present time these have not been found. Poison was also found amongst her effects. The woman, who seems to have no feeling of horror or remorse for what she has done, has another child, a daughter, by her husband, who will inherit the large possessions of her mother.

[“Wholesale Child-Murder.” The Queenslander (Brisbane, Australia), Dec. 28, 1889, p. 1214]


For more cases of this type, see Serial Baby-Killer Moms.


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