Thursday, September 15, 2011

“Act to prevent cruelty to Women” in 1877 Nevada

Surprised at what you see above? Don’t be embarrassed. We have all been victims of the con game called institutional misandry. “Herstory” is not the truth. The “Rule of Thumb” story of domestic violence abuse has been exposed as an example of scholarly fraud. It is just one more example, among many of a feminist hoax.


FULL TEXT: According to the “Act to prevent cruelty to Women” recently incorporated into the statutes of Nevada, a "Wife Beater's Whipping Post" has recently been put in position in front of  the court-house of Austin in that State. This post is not erected for the convenience of husbands who believe that to spare the rod is to spoil the woman, as it is not the wives who are tied to it during the process of flagellation. hut their lords and masters, who upon conviction of the crime of wife beating are delivered into the gentle hands of the constable for their just deserts. Tied to this post in the broad publicity of the city square at mid day, the wife whipper is made to understand by numerous lashes well laid on, that the accomplishment of wife whipping is one deserving of public recognition Nevada must be nice State, if the crime in question is so common that the post for its punishment is as prominent an institution as the calaboose in ordinary towns. The Reveille says that every woman who passes the Austin post, casts upon it looks of undisguised admiration.

[Untitled, Butte Miner (Mt.), Nov. 20, 1877, p. 2]


• You have been told that before the rise of feminism in the 1960s that domestic violence against women was tolerated by society as acceptable behavior and was not taken seriously by police and the courts.

You have been lied to. The people who told you these lies were paid to tell them you. In most cases you paid your own money (taxes and tuition fees) to be lied to.

Here is one of countless pieces of evidence that demonstrate the truth.

• To see more eloquent, vivid evidence proving the lie and giving you the truth, see:

19th Century Intolerance Towards Domestic Violence

Treatment of Domestic Violence Against Women Before 1960this post collects cases classified by the form of punishment or sentencing (whether judicial or through community action)

No, the claim that laws created by males were for the benefit of males is false. Yes, the "Rule of Thumb" myth has been proven to be a marxist-feminist hoax, taking an ancient English common historical notation published in the 18th century and extrapolating it into unsupported claims that 18th and 20th century United States communities, courts and legislatures (laws on the books) were in agreement with the18th century historical notation (Blackstone).


“[O]nly since the 1970s has the criminal justice system begun to treat domestic violence as a serious crime, not as a private family matter.”

From the entry: “Domestic Violence” on

This claim has been proven to be false.


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