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Orland Blake, Chicago Alimony Slave - 1927

FULL TEXT: Orland L. Blake, self-styled martyr of the Anti-Alimony Club, yesterday won a victory before Superior Court Judge Harry A. Lewis in his alimony fight with his wife, Mrs. Catherine M. Blake, of 1315 Leland avenue, who is suing him for separate maintenance. The court sustained his plea to remain out of jail and be relieved of paying alimony until he can establish an income.

“Our position,” said his attorney, Irving Eisenman,” is that the courts should not encourage gold-digging. The couple lived together only 21 months. They have no children. And Mrs. Blake’s petition than he is, increasing his earnings during their brief marriage from $2,500 to $20,000 a year. Besides, he has two children of a former marriage to support.”

~ “Only a Second Marriage.” ~

“You are correct,” commented Judge Lewis, “that the obligations of his first marriage is only a second mortgage anyway.”

“We would agree with him if he were acting in good faith, but he has hidden assets,” her lawyer, E. M. Libonati, interposed. “This woman is ill and unable to work. She is entitled to be supported in the style to which she was accustomed.”

“The day will soon come,” Judge Lewis reflected, “wheny woman will be in disrepute for taking money from a man with whom she is not living.”

~ Defense Springs Surprise. ~

Mrs. L. A. Closter, wife of Blake’s former associate in the real estate business, was called as a surprise witness. She testified that Mrs. Blake told her:

“I’m going to keep my husband in jail just for the satisfaction of it. Sure, I can make my own living.”

Mrs. Blake promptly denied making such a statement.

“We must have an order for money,” the wife’s lawyer addressed the judge,” if for no other reason, for the effect it will have on alimony dodging husbands.”

“Money, money, money, that’s all I hear from wives all day,” the judge put his hands to his head. “Let’s give the man a chance to make a few sales before we try to take anything from him. Let’s not kick his crutch out from under him.”

“I’ll continue the contempt hearing until Aug. 15 and I’ll get a report on his income then. Keep track of your sales,” the judge warned Blake.

[“Wins Fight To Earn Before He Pays Alimony – Judge Unlocks Jail For ‘Martyr’ Husband.” Chicago Tribune (Il.), Jul. 13, 1927, pp. 3 & 38]


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