Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dana Sue Gray, Californian Lady-Killing Lady Serial Killer – 1994

Dana Sue Gray likes nice things. She likes to shop. She had a Cadillac when she was arrested. Now she has no transportation at all. She is serving a life term without patrol in California Women’s Prison in Chowchilla, California.

Dana Sue Gray explained why she murdered three woman and almost killed another:  “I had this overwhelming need to shop.” Dan is barely over five feet tall, but she knows how to make good use of her body in her violent escapades. Her first suspected victim, an 86-year old acquaintance was stabbed eleven times, nearly decapitating the victim.” After brutally murdering her victims, Dana took her their credit cards and went on shopping sprees. [Robert St. Estephe]



Feb. 14, 1994 – Norma Davis, 86 – murdered, Canyon Lake, Ca.;  Davis had a wood handled utility knife sticking out of her neck, and a fillet knife sticking out of her chest. “Standing barely over five feet tall, this female killer brutally stabbed an elderly woman eleven times, nearly decapitating the victim.”

Feb. 28, 1994 – June Roberts, 66 – murdered, Canyon Lake, Ca.; strangled with phone chord.

Mar. 10, 1994 – Dorinda Hawkins, 57, Lake Elsinore, Ca.; strangled with a telephone cord, survived.

Mar. 16, 1994 – Dora Beebe, 87 – murdered.

Mar. 16, 1994 – Gray arrested

Mar. 10, 1995 – Entered an insanity plea in the Superior Court of Riverside, Ca.

Sep. 9, 1998 – Gray, now 40, changed her plea.

Oct. 16, 1998 – Sentenced to life in prison without parole


Quote: “I had this overwhelming need to shop.”


Here is an excellent long article on the case: Katherine Ramsland, “Addicted to Luxury: The Pampered Killer.”





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  1. I worked for the Perris PD at this time and was on the arrest team. I have read many stories and have seen the forensic files shows. For the most part factual correct, many things were left out. It was a really interesting case and glad for the opportunity to have been involved.