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The Unknown History of MISANDRY - GREATEST HITS

If you read nothing but the few selected posts linked below you will have achieved a better understanding of the cultural situation we are in today than is possessed by 99.99% of the population. Misandry is not only a problem of the relation of the sexes that has been further compounded by chivalry (male enablers), and the topped-off with a layer of professional predators. Nowadays, unlike in the past the entire culture has been redesigned to reflect a misandric mindset. Cultural Misandry has increased the powerlessness of a general population. Men and women both are increasingly threatened by an ever more powerful elite, which, with its mercenary army of social engineering drones seeks to lord over every aspect of our lives and to control the bodies and minds of our children.

We have all been lied to about history. At this point we absolutely must become informed about the background of the injustices of misandry and understand past efforts to overcome them in order for us to properly address the present -- and for us to intelligently plan a better future. Without knowing our own history we are wandering in the dark: isolated, confused, continually reinventing the wheel. The following reading selection could be easily seen as the text-book for a “crash course on the history of Anti-Misandry.”

►►► The Basic “Must-Read” List ◄◄◄

1)  The First Men’s Rights Organization – 1926-1930 Self-recommending; should be read by every MRA, without exception.

2)  A Woman’s Voice  collection of quotations dating from 1904 to 1953 by prominent women who spoke out publicly against misandry.

3)  “A Monopoly on their Children” – Misandric Parenting in 1939 A female writer exposes how women with personality disorders deliberately undermine the father-child relationship.

4) The Alimony Racket: Quotations A quick way to learn about half a century of anti-misandry struggle.

5) Chivalry Justice Quotations How women gained their “license to kill.” Don’t blame the female sex; the chivalric male is just as big a problem as the predatory female.

6) Chicago Murderesses Express Their Preference for All-Male Juries: Much Easier to Manipulate – 1912 This is the “mother of all Chivalry Justice articles.”

7) Chivalry Justice in 1921: Anti-Misandry Female Judges How honest women sought to bring predatory females to justice.

8) The Long-Flourishing Heart-Balm Racket: A Men’s Rights Activist Tells Its History – 1935 An incentive to make false accusations – an earlier incarnation of present-day scams.

9) Society’s Acceptance of Domestic Violence? The great lie that preceding the rise of the domestic violence industry the crime of (genuine) domestic violence was ignored and/or found acceptable by the “patriarchy” is finally exposed as a hoax.

10) Victimizing Veterans: The Alimony Racket in 1920 Doesn’t get more cynical than this.

11) Women Who Prey Upon Servicemen – 1950 30 years later: more of the same.

12) Maternal Filicide: Spousal Revenge Motive The worst kind of domestic violence (which the experts pretend is not committed with malice by predatory women).

13) How Wives Gained Power By Mass-Murder of Husbands A misandric utopia?

14) The Cross-Dressing Husband-Killing Syndicate Maven: Viktoria Rieger A misandric vigilante at work.

15) Fathers’ Rights Pickets and Protests: 1930-1991 A photo-essay on Fathers’ Rights activism.

16) Early Men’s Rights Activism 1910s-1930s, international.

17) Samuel Reid: The First Fathers’ Rights Activist – 1925 Bold actions, bold statements.

18) Early Men’s Rights Writings by C. M. Castellazzo – 1927 Strategic thoughts on MR activism and its challenges.

19) The Creepiest Female Serial Killer Quotations Because women are characterized, we are told, by “inherent non-violence.”

20) What is Misandric Fixation? Genocidal & separatist feminism of the Valerie Solanas variety, and other varieties of obsessive misandry have been around a long time.

21) Domestic Violence: Non-Lethal Female-on-Male ►Just the facts (you are not supposed to know).

►►► The Advanced “Must-Read” List ◄◄◄

1) The Origins of Divorce Court Corruption A dirty secret exposed: law professors refuse to tell their students about this article.

2) “A Word for Men’s Rights” - 1856 Self-recommending.

3) Three Early Parental Kidnapping Cases, 1792-1815: Peirson, Bonnell, Tuthell History not taught in the universities.

4) “Why Men Don’t Marry” – MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)in 1919 The case is iconic for its encapsulation of so many of the issues of the men’s rights movement: chivalry, female sentencing discount, female privilege, a woman’s “right to kill,” the misuse of psychology in legal defense, predatory use of alimony law, the abuse of the courts for revenge purposes, attention whoring, and infantilizing of women (neglecting to hold them accountable because of their sex).

Much of the material in GREATEST HITS is discussed, and put into context, in the following article, written by the editor of UHoM , and published at A Voice for Men: “Setting the Record Straight”

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