Sunday, May 31, 2015

Female Serial Killers – COLLECTIONS

Following are links to specialized lists of Female Serial Killer cases which include links to posts on individual cases. Some of the collections contain synopses of cases.

These posts are based on original research and very little of this information has ever before been organized and made available.


Q & A

Female Serial Killers Q & A



Female Serial Killers of 19th Century America

Female Serial Killers of the Jazz Age: 1920s USA

Female Serial Killers of the 21st Century: A Photo Gallery

REGIONS (& ETHNICITY) • • • • • • •

Female Serial Killers of Africa & the African Diaspora

Female Serial Killers of Asia

Female Serial Killers of Australia

Eastern Europe
Female Serial Killers of Eastern Europe

Female Serial Killers of France

Female Serial Killers of Germany

Great Britain
Female Serial Killers of Great Britain

Latin America
Female Serial Killers of Latin America

Near East
Female Serial Killers of the Near East

Romania: Female Serial Killers & Husband-Killing Syndicates

Female Serial Killers of Russia

Soviet Communist Female Serial Killers

Female Serial Killers of the USA

THEMES • • • • • • •

Female Serial Killers Who Also Killed Animals

Women in Power: Aristocratic Female Serial Killers

Female Serial Killers & Arson

Female Serial Killer Bandits

Black Widows
Black Widow Serial Killers
Champion Black Widow Serial Killers

Cannibal Murderesses (includes Serial Killers)

Child Care Providers (including Baby Farmers)

Funeral Fetishism
Funeral Fetishism of Female Serial Killers

Female Serial Killers & Gambling

Serial Killer Girls

Female Serial Killers & Guns



Female Serial Killers: Weapons, Poisons & Methods
Female Serial Killers & Guns
Female Serial Killers & Knives (& Other Blades)
The Baby Burners: Female Serial Killers Who Burned Babies Alive
The Stranglers

Serial Baby-Killing Moms
Serial Killer Moms & Step-Moms Who Murdered Children Aged 2 Years and Older


Sicko Nurses: Female Serial Killers

Occult Female Serial Killers

Ogresses: Female Serial Killers of the Children of Others

Poems & Songs About
Poems & Songs About FSKs
FSKs & Contemporary Theater

Female Serial Killers Who Predicted Their Victims' Deaths


Prison Weddings
Prison Weddings: Female Serial Killers

Prolific Female Serial Killers

Female Serial Killers Who Were Prostitutes

Creepiest Female Serial Killer Quotations
Female Serial Killer Quotations: Voices of Violent Women

Recidivism, "Beating the Rap" & Multiple Trials

Relics of Female Serial Killers

Sadism & Female Serial Killers

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) & Female Serial Killers




, “The Surprising Truth About Women and Violence,” TIME,
June 25, 2014






1 comment:

  1. There has never existed a single biologically female human on the face of the Earth who has perpetrated homicide in the utterly brutal, savage, and sadistically relentless manner essential to all of malekind (in consideration of their hormonal and neurological predisposition towards control, domination, aggression, violence, and terror, characteristics being unknown to the female sex). There is no female equivalent to Jack the Ripper, Albert Fish, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Edmund Kemper, Richard Ramirez, Andrei Chikatilo, Mikhail Popkov, Pedro Lopez, Luis Garavito, Javed Iqbal, David Fuller, or just about any other male criminal in human history, in any part of the globe. Never has been and never will.

    From the sick, perverted, and depraved mentalities that give life to such heinous and sadistic fantasies of force and violence to their actual perpetration through the most unempathetically brutish and vicious of ways: abduction, torture, humiliation and degradation, rape, gang rape, skinning, dismemberment, decapitation, arson, cannibalism, mass shootings, genocide, terrorism, you fucking name it! Think of drug cartels, wartime rapes, domestic rapes, child pornography, bestiality, necrophilia! Or just think of pornography as it exists in our world now! Hundred millions of males in MASSES consuming and purchasing content displaying the barabaric rapes of teenage girls, easily accessible across all popular porn sites.

    I find it completely and utterly petty and pathetic of you to endeavour to make this miniscule list of so-called "female serial killers", supposedly numbering a thousand, yet not a single one of which come even remotely close to matching the savagery of the average male criminal worldwide. Dear, if you were to make a list of male killers and rapists across the world at all times (no matter serial, spree, one-time, or whatever, solo or accomplice/group), you would have long run out of the required mental capacity and energy, considering that such men would AT LEAST number a hundred million, if not more, compared to the female 0.5. And stay rest assured, the VERY vast majority of them would be sadistic brutes too. And that alone speaks VOLUMES about the differences between the sexes in regards to moral and ethical degeneracy.

    You give a female caregiver a baby and she might abandon it or starve it to death. You give a male caregiver a baby and he would rape it to death for the sake of gratifying his penile cravings. There's a reason why in every single mammalian species it is only the female that takes part in nurturing, looking after, and defending juveniles (no matter their biological relation to them), while the male does nothing more than force its semen upon the resistant female which happens to induce fertilisation and pregnancy. Think of male elephant seals who rape pups, including their own! Only and only so they could get a pathetic fucking ejaculatory orgasm that barely lasts a second. Female orgasms are MUCH more intense, pleasurable, and extended longer, yet that doesn't motivate them to go around raping masses for the sake of it. The truth is politically incorrect, sadly. Stay away from men!