Wednesday, February 20, 2013

GIVE ‘EM THE AXE – Female Empowerment with an Edge


This is a collection of newspaper stories concerning women who have empowered themselves by having murdered men, women, girls and boys with axes or with hatchets. The patriarchy has attempted to suppress women’s self-esteem and consciousness of strength by keeping the subject of women who murder using axes and hatchets hidden in the closet. But now we will reveal the blades in the closet.

Thanks to special funding provided by VBWUAA, the Violence By Women Using Axes  Act, this previously under-served research topic will begin to get the attention it really deserves.

All kidding aside, it must be said that violence committed by women is indeed a serious social problem, just as is the “cultural Marxism” which has corrupted the universities and the professions, resulting in deceptive studies and reports and in some cases, outright fabrications and cover-ups.

To illustrate how the myths of female non-violence  propagated by agenda-driven “experts” become ingrained in the public mind, Here is a chatroom post discussing a London stabling of two children: “Women don't tend to commit violent crimes like this. Just look at the statistics the majority of violent murders are committed by men. Women tend to kill using less forceful means, like smothering or poison/overdose. There are clear distinctions between how men and women who commit crime because whether you like it or not men and women are very different.” [Irina R; Netmums Coffee House Chat, 01-06-08, 13:28#30]

You might wonder why the Lizzie Borden case is not included here. The reason is that it is still an unresolved case. There is significant doubt as to whether Lizzie committed the crime. There is an abundance of material on the Borden murders easily available elsewhere.

This is the first axe murderess collection to be compiled, as far as we know. It is only a small sample. There are many, many more cases.

Note: Both “ax” and “axe” are correct spellings of the word. There are a few cases here using hatchets or pickaxes.


1865 – Maria Oliviero  – Cattanzaro, Italy – Serial killer bandit who hacked her sister to death, chopping her flesh in 48 blows.

1871 – Phoebe Campbell – Thorndale, Middlesex County, Ontario – killed husband

1872 – Margaret Brewer – Rich Hill Township, Ohio – killed children

1873 – Amelia Snyder – Jefferson City, Missouri – killed child

1880 – Ellen Athey – New Philadelphia, Ohio – killed woman

1884 – Roxalana Druse – Herkimer, New York – killed husband

1886 – Mrs. Fannie Smith – Keyport, New Jersey – killed children

1889 – Anna Driscoll – Waukesha, Wisconsin – killed husband, attempted to kill son

1893 – Lizzie Halliday – New York – serial killer

1898 – Martha Place – New York, New York – attacked husband with axe after throwing acid on face of step-daughter; executed

1901 – Margaret Hossack – Indianola, Iowa – killed husband

1901 – George Lewis – Boston, Massachusetts – Wife bought a hatchet to use on her husband’s head – she had her eye on another man – but he survived the attack.

1908 – Belle Gunness – LaPorte, Indiana – murdered 2 husbands & dozens others, mostly “fiancés,” plus a number of children (she had been a baby farmer when residing in Chicago); men were killed with drugs or an axe.

1909 – Mary Farmer – Brownville, New York – murdered Mrs. Sarah Brennan

1911 – Clementine Barnabet – Louisiana – occult serial killer

1922 – Mrs. Arnold Holt – Russell Springs, Kentucky – killed children and self

1924 – Anastasia Permiakova – Perm, Russia – gang leader, murdered 20 women with hatchets

1924 – Pauline Tarkowski – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Mrs. Theolphilla Boinski, aged companion

1924 – Johanna Teel – Killingworth County, New York – killed common law husband

1925 – May Norbet – Springfield, Illinois – killed husband

1925 – Pearl Jackson – Birmingham, Alabama – serial killer couple that killed 26 and seriously wounded 21
1927 – Anna Liszka – Maryville, Ohio – killed husband

1934 – Leslie Crosby – Choudrant, Louisiana – killed husband

1934 – Martha Annette Outerbridge – Hamilton, Bermuda – killed paramour

1936 – Gladys MacKnight – Bayonne, New Jersey – killed mother with hatchet

1937 – Helen Tiernan – New York – killed one child, injured another

1938 – Frances Hoffman Day – Mercer, Pennsylvania – killed and robbed man

1941 – Leonarda CianciulliReggio Emilia, Italy – killed and cooked 3 women

1943 – Mildred Davidson – Tennessee – murdered her 3 children

1944 – Goldie Steinberg – Queens, N.Y. – murdered son with Boy Scout axe

1945 – Louise Monje – Houston, Texas – murderd her 2 children (Boy Scout axe & an ice pick)

1945 – Lottie Woodside – Mineola, N. Y. – attacked 3-year-old boy with hatchet and saw

1953 – Clarice B. Covert – London, England – killed husband

1956 – Patricia “Pat” Faye Corcoran – Oakland, California – killed aunt

1959 – Viola Hyatt – Anniston, Alabama – killed two brothers

1968 – Minnie Tisiga – Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada – killed woman

1977 – Haya Mahmoud Zoubi – Amman, Jordan – killed mother-in-law

1983 – Karla Faye Tucker – Texas – pickaxe; executed

1998 – Alma Cleotilde Grand Perez – Tegucigalpa, Honduras

2000 – Sotiria Loutriotis – Kalambaka, Greece – Killed adult son with axe, served 4 years in prison, when released killed husband with axe

2009Olesya Mostovschikova – Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia – killed and, with a female friend, ate a woman

2010 – Irina Gaidamachuk – Russia, serial killer (17 women)

2015 – Tamara Samsonova – St. Petersburg, Russia

2016 – Juana “La Peque Sicaria” – Baja California, Mexico


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