Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sotiria Loutriotis, Greek Axe Murderess - 2000

FULL TEXT: Kalambaka, Greece - A woman released after serving four years for murdering her son with an ax has been arrested for using an ax to kill again - this time, police say, hacking her husband to death in a pig sty. Police said Sotiria Loutriotis, 61, was arrested Friday for the killing of 68-year-old Giorgos Loutriotis on their farm just outside this central town 220 miles north of Athens. She was jailed under guard at a psychiatric facility. Police said they will file murder charges after she undergoes a psychiatric evaluation. 

Mrs. Loutriotis had walked to a nearby farm and told her neighbors she killed her husband at dawn as he was feeding the livestock, police said. They found her husband’s remains in one of the sties. Mrs. Loutriotis had received a life sentence after being convicted of using an ax to kill her son, Dimitris Loutriotis, 29. 

She was released eight months ago from a prison psychiatric ward. Police said they did not know why prison authorities released her so early. Her other son, Christos Loutriotis, died in a traffic accident on the way to his brother’s funeral. 

[“Released Ax Murderer Uses Ax to Kill Again,” Associated Press, Jun. 2, 2000]


For more Violence by Women cases involving axes and hatchets, see: Give ‘Em the Axe


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