Monday, September 12, 2011

100th Post - History Matters!

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This, the 100th post to the blog named “The Unknown History of MISANDRY,” serves as an introduction to the ongoing project. The blog consists mainly of illustrated historical news stories (mostly from the first half of the 20th century) which reveal the little known facts of how misandry and anti-misandry were viewed by the US public the preceding the era of cultural marxism that took over public discourse in the 1970s – an event which precipitated a barrage of pseudo-scholarship that has filled our heads with false statistics, historical disinformation, facile half-truths, ideological generalizations unsupported by factual evidence, all derived from a myriad of sophistic discourses.

The blog provides some much-needed historical information on early Men’s Rights Activism and the widespread support of their aims by women writers,  women judges and women legislators. A number of misandric rackets are described in great detail: “The Alimony Racket,” “The Badger Game,” “The Heart Balm Racket,” military allotment racket (“Alimony Annies”). Notable husband-killing cases are included (including serial killings) as well as Husband-Killing syndicates. There is an extensive selection of article on the crucially important subject of Chivalry Justice. And there are many more topics germane to the study of misandry, such as parental alienation, spousal revenge filicide.

Because after the 1960s  the universities have produced a history of the relations of the sexes that is distorted by fallacious theories of “social evolution,” many of today’s activists still believe myths fabricated to serve the policy agendas of the social engineering class. A notable example of one of these myths is the false assumption that it was not until the 1970s that alimony was understood to be unjustified for childless women. In fact, as early as the 1920s, it was widely accepted that divorced women could easily support themselves with equality in the job market (excepting, of course, cases in which a husband had inherited wealth or was a hard-working and successful entrepreneur).

The bog includes rare photos of early activists and Fathers Rights protests and loads of stunning period illustrations. Much of this historical material written in a breezy witty prose and is as entertaining as it is informative. Most of the material will surprise – and frequently it will shock – the reader.

History matters!


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  1. Hi. Thanks for publishing such interesting historical information. I have found it very useful and wanted to add another image to your collecion - you can find it at Thought you might like it :-)

  2. oh my god ! THE AMOUNT OF FACTS HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC BY THE LEFT WING MEDIA IS ATROCIOUS , now it is for certain that the CORRUPT MARXIST EXTREME LEFT WING MEDIA HAS BEEN WORKING CONSISTENTLY TO SUPPRESS FACTS , HIDE INFORMATION , FEED MISINFORMATION AND FABRICATE JOURNALISTIC WORKS WITH THE INTENTION OF PROMOTING A CERTAIN AGENDA WHILE SUPPRESSING AND BLANKING OUT ANY FACTS OR OPINIONS TO THE CONTRARY ,the question is who or what force /entity is driving this agenda and whom does this agenda benefit , one obvious suspect is big money, big corporates , big business and big govt and nowadays in this age of blatant corruption its difficult to distinguish between these !