Monday, September 12, 2011

The Stench of the Female Predator – 1901

FULL TEXT: Baltimore, June 24.—Probably a more severe scoring was never given to a woman in an opinion from the bench than that by Judge Dennis, of the Circuit Court, when he handed down his opinion to-day in the case of Margaretta E. Soelky against Christian K. Soelky.

Soelky was married to Mrs. Soelky while she had another husband living. Believing her to be legally his wife, he transferred to her a house which he owned. She then left him, and as n married woman. filed a petition in court asking the appointment of a trustee for this, her property.

Soelky afterward asked for an annulment of his marriage, and that the property be declared his own. on the ground of fraud and bigamy. Judge Dennis granted his prayer of relief, and in the course of his opinion scathingly arraigned Mrs. Soelky for her conduct in general concluding as follows: “Altogether ‘a combination and a form, indeed,’ at whose approach a court of equity instinctively holds its nose.”

[“Woman Severely Denounced - Sought To Retain Property Of Man She Married While Her Husband Was Living.” New York Tribune (N.Y.), Jun. 25, 1901, p. 5]

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