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Catalina de los Ríos y Lisperguer, Chilean Serial Killer - 1660

Catalina de los Ríos y Lisperguer (Santiago de Chile, 1604 - 1665) was an aristocratic 17th century Chilean landowner, nicknamed “La Quintrala” because of her flaming red hair. During Chile's colonial period, she was noted for her extreme cruelty to her inquils (tenants), accused and tried for over 40 murders, becoming an icon of colonial abuse and oppression. She died in Santiago at the age of about 60. Her figure still lives in Chilean popular culture as the epitome of the perverse and abusive woman, as well as the oppression of Spanish rule. Catalina de los Ríos was of Spanish, German and Amerindian descent.

In 1622 Catalina’s sister accused her of murdering her father with poison. Though this was reported to the legal authority no charge was brought.

In 1633, Catalina attempted to murder Luis Vasquez, a clergyman who upbraided her for her cruelty. In the same year, Bishop Francisco Gonzalez de Salcedo told the Council of the Indies that Catalina had murdered her step-daughter by beating her to death.

She is accused of murdering paramours, Enrique Enriquez, a Knight of Malta, and another, a Knight of Santiago.

In 1660 Catalina was arrested and brought to Santiago to face murder charges. 39 murders were investigated, resulting in charges for 14. She was sentenced to pay fines for her crimes.

In 1662 a new trial was initiated to try her for the murders of slaves. Catalina died on January 15, 1665 before the process was completed.

[Sources: Wikipedia in English and Spanish]




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