Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eva Micsik, Hungarian Serial Killer Who Successively Murdered Her 8 Children To “Vex” Her Husband - 1888

FULL TEXT: The Hungarian papers report the following : —A peasant woman from Csoka [Eva Micsik], being desirous of joining the religious sect of the Nazarenes, went to see one of the priests residing at Zenta. Proselytes have to make a full confession of their past sins extending over their whole lives.

That of the new convert ran thus:— “I have had eight children and have killed them all. My first, a boy named Victor, born in 1874, was four months old when he died. Another was born in 1879. I forget what we called him; but he did not live more than a few days. On the 29th of February, 1880, I had twins, Peter and Rosa. I killed them a week after their birth. My daughter Juliana was born on the 11th of April, 1881, and was dead two days later. Agnes, of whom I was confined on the 29th of March, 1882, also lived only a few days. On the 6th of May, 1883, I again had twins; one was stillborn, and I killed the other a month afterwards. My last child came in May, 1884. I disposed of it in two days.

I poisoned all my children with a decoction of poppies. They were all previously baptised. I did not want any children. My husband knew nothing of what I had done. I lived on bad terms with him, and wanted to vex him.” The woman was at once handed over to the authorities, before whom she renewed her confession. 

[Untitled, The Queenslander (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia), March 31,  1888, p. 488]

NOTE: Other versions of this same article, while abridged, contain the woman’s name, Eva Micsik. (Untitled, The Argus (Melbourne, Australia), Feb. 25, 1888, p. 4)




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