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"I Want to Stay with Daddy!": Allan Solowitz - 1940

PHOTO CAPTION: Hiding behind his father, Sam Solowitz. 34, of Tampa, Fla., little Allan, 6-year-old pawn in a divorce tragedy, sobs, “I want to stay with daddy,” despite coaxing by his mother, Lillian, in a a Brooklyn, N. Y., police station. Solowitz was arrested as he took the boy on an unannounced boat ride and held on a charge of kidnaping..

[“’I Want To Stay With Daddy’,” syndicated (CP; International), Nantucket Daily News (Ct.), Jul. 12, 1949, p. 2]

Another article:

FULL TEXT: New York (UP) – Sam Solowitz, 34, of Tampa, Fla., was charged with kidnapping his own son today despite the child’s tears and the stout avowals of playmates that he begged his father to take him on an outing.

They used a lot of big words around the Liberty avenue police station which blond, skinny, six-year-old Allan Solowitz didn’t understand. But he did understand one thing.

“I want my daddy,” he said over and over again as the tears rolled down his cheeks.

Police begged his mother, Mrs. Lillian Solowitz, 39, not to be vengeful for the boy’s 24 hours with his father, but he insisted that he was to be held on the kidnapping charge.

“Let my daddy out, let my daddy out,” the boy crioed as his father was led away to jail.

Solowitz, a plumbing salesman from Tampa, Fla., told police he returned to Brooklyn Saturday for a glimpse f his two children, Allan and Carol, 10, whose custody had been given to their mother in a divorce suit.

Allan was at home by himself, Solowitz said. He was playing in front of the apartment house.

The boy yelled with delight at the sight of his father and after they had talked awhile, Solowitz said they may go.
His playmates listened while he begged. Finally Solowitz agreed to take him for a week-end outing. They told the neighbors to inform the mother.

Mrs. Solowitz called police. They nabbed father and son from the excursion boat.

The boy insisted that his father had done nothing wrong.

“He bought me ice cream and we had some fun,” he said.

At the police station he refused to go to his mother, but clung desperately to his father. It was then that police asked her not to press the kidnaping charge.

She led the boy away. He continued to protest, “I love my daddy.”

[“Tampa Man Charged With Kidnapping Son,” syndicated (UP), The Dothan Eagle (Al.), Jun. 27, 1949, p. 5]

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