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Psychological Torture: Dr. Lambert and His Daughters - 1915

PHOTO CAPTION: Carolyn and Frances, the little daughters of Dr. Fred Lambert of Des Moines, dodging the camera in obedience to their divorced mother, Mrs. Rebecca K. Lambert. The man is Dr. Lambert. He travelled 2,500 miles to be with his little girls two hours, while a guard stood watchfully on, at the Seattle Y. W. C. A. Mrs. Lambert would not consent to her former husband’s request to photograph his children and, mistaking the camera-man for an employe of the doctor’s, tried to escape the picture. It was taken as they were leaving the Y. W. C. A.

FULL TEXT: Dr. Fred C. Lambert of Des Moines traveled 2000 miles to see his babies in Seattle.

He saw them after a hard fought legal battle for just two hours while Dr. Mary Martin whom the court appointed guard looked on.

Dr. Lambert may never see his children again. His divorced wife Rebecca K. Lambert hopes to prevent him by an order of the court. If she is successful he will be in contempt and liable to fine or imprisonment if he attempts to return to the state.

Four years ago she divorced Dr. Lambert. He was not allowed to see the children. Mrs. Lambert went West. She is a teacher in the public schools of Tacoma. She brought the children with her.

When Dr. Lambert could no longer endure being held at a distance from his little girls he set out for Seattle. He called at Mrs. Lambert’s home. She refused to let him see the girls. He appealed to the court.

“Inasmuch as he has come as far let him see his babies under a guard at the Y. W. C. A. for two hours” was the court’s decree.

Mrs. Lambert refused to speak to her husband. Dr. Mary Martin’s eye never left Dr. Lambert during the whole two hours. Dr. Lambert seemed nervous.

But the children enjoyed it. They pulled his hair and “rode the black horse to Banoury Cross on his boot. They laughed and danced and played with him for two hours.

Promptly when the allotted time was up Mrs. Lambert demanded her children.

Dr. Lambert without a word strode rapidly to the door.

Little Carolyn ran after him.

“Daddy,” are you going away?”

“Yes dear,” he announced, choking.

“Is this your Kodak?” she asking taking the small one he carried from his hand. “Aren’t you going to take our picture so you can have one to take home with you?”

“No. Your mama doesn’t want me to have your picture” he said and for the first time in four years he grabbed her up into his big bearlike arms kissing her again and again.

“Your time’s up,” said Dr. Martin sternly.

He set his baby down.

“Goodby dear,” he said.

“Goodby daddy,” cried the child waving her hand.

[“Traveled 2,500 Miles to See His Children Under Two Hours Under Eyes of Guard,” Reno Evening Gazette (Nv.), Aug. 26, 1915, p. 5]

NOTE: This article provides a vivid illustration of how what we today call “supervised visitation” can be used by a “gatekeeping parent” to psychologically torture an ejected parent. Supervised visitation provides a means for people with controlling personalities (narcissistic, sociopathic) to exert control over others as a means to derive income at exceptionally high per-hour fees. The case exemplifies as well the “distance relocation” as a method of parental kidnapping.

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  1. Magnificent blog you're running here. Incredible how this story could almost take place in the present. The only difference is the newspaper would be demonizing the father rather than telling his story.

    Keep up the great work. Bookmarked.