Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marie Fikackova, Czech Child Care Provider & Serial Killer of Babies - 1960

Under Marxist rule in communist-occupied Czechoslovakia, Marie Fikackova’s serial killings and her subsequent trial and execution were kept secret in order to assist the government in convincing the population and foreigners that under their totalitarian regime such crimes never occurred. Following the establishment of republican government in 1996 a free press –  which could exploit the new possibilities of governmental transparency – gradually developed. Among the fruits of the research of journalists was the discovery of a secret file on the Fikakova case, which was reported for the first time 47 years after the suspect’s 1960 arrest. The Czech commercial television station, TV Nova, revealed the story on Jan. 4, 2007

During investigation the 34-year old nurse confessed that while employed as a nurse in the hospital at Sušice, to murdering newborn babies by beating them on the head. She had been indulging her compulsion to kill newborn babies for three years. F’s confession revealed the names of ten murder victims, but there were others whose names she had forgotten.

She was convicted of murdering two children – the other cases lacked sufficient evidence – and was secretly hanged on April 13, 1961.

[Based on source: “Czech nurse murdered 10 babies in the 1950s, 60s - Nova.” Europe Intelligence Wire, from Czech News Agency, CTK, Jan. 4, 2007]


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