Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mary Ann Milner, English Serial Killer - 1847

FULL TEXT: The following circumstantial statement has gone the round of the press:—” The young woman, Mary Ann Milner, who was condemned to death at the Lincoln assizes, for the wilful murder of her mother-in-law, her sister-in-law, and her niece, by poisoning them with arsenic, expiated her dreadful offence on the scaffold, at the City gaol of Lincoln, on Friday, the 30th ult., at noon. The only imaginable motive for the conduct of the wretched woman (who confessed her guilt) was the obtaining moneys from burial clubs on the deaths of the deceased. In proceeding to the drop she conducted herself with much composure. The usual preliminaries were quickly adjusted, and the drop having fallen, the wretched murderess, after struggling a few seconds, ceased to exist.” This statement is unfounded. The unfortunate woman hung herself in her cell a few hours before the appointed time. An inquest was held on the body on the following day, and a verdict of “felo de se” Was returned. The error arose through the officials at the gaol allowing a report to be circulated that Milner had been privately executed within the walls of the prison.

[“Execution.” The Atlas (London, England), Aug. 7, 1847, p. 534 (page 6 of this issue)]


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