Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nellie Haven & Hattie Graham, Serial Baby Exterminators, San Francisco - 1892

FULL TEXT: San Francisco, Sept. 27.—A short time ago a man calling himself Dr. Beale, his wife, known as Nellie Haven, and Hattie Graham were arrested charged with the murder, by malpractice, of Mary Carroll, the daughter of a Petaluma county farmer. Beale forfeited $10,000 bail and disappeared, but the women are still in prison. According to the story of Mrs. Montrose, Beale has committed a great number of murders in this city. The woman says that Beale used her house for ten months as a private hospital. At that time he had about fifty patients and there were no fewer than forty children born alive in the house, not one of them being permitted to live. Beale either choloroformed or drowned his victims, after which he weighed their bodies and threw them into the bay or cremated them.

[“Choloroform And Water. - A San Francisco Physician Charged With Wholesale Child Murder.” Sep. 28, 1892, p. 3]


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