Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sophia Ivanovitch & Anna Minity, Serbian Fortune-Tellers & Serial Killers - 1882

Excerpt (from long article on poisonings):


One would think that such horrible criminality as the wholesale poisoning of innocent people belonged wholly to Pagan times; but, unfortunately, the annals of toxicology, down to our days, are replete with histories of indiscriminate poisoning. The latest of these tragedies is reported to have occurred in Hungary, where the Assize Court of Grossbeckskerek is about to try a hideous, but, unfortunately, by no means unprecedented case of poisoning en masse. It is stated that no fewer than 80 women of the Servo-Magyar village of Melencze are accused of having poisoned their husbands and other near relatives, and that they procured the deleterious stuff from two professional fortune-tellers, Sophia Ivanovitch and Anna Minity, who drove a regular trade in noxious drugs, and earned considerable sums of money thereby.

Suspicion was first directed toward them by the evidence of a beautiful young woman named Draga Kukin, who, so long ago as 1882, killed her husband by poison, but who, being overtaken by remorse, gave herself up to the judicial authorities. The two fortune-tellers were arrested, but they have since died in prison, and the difficulties of gathering a sufficient body of evidence have caused the examination of this shocking case to drag its slow length over a period of nearly seven years.

[“Secret Poisoning. - Awful Crimes Of Borgias Recalled By Hungary's Horror. – Murderous Nostrums Of Old. - Terrible Women Who Divorced Themselves By Deadly Potions. - The Evil Worked By Fortune Tellers.” Pittsburgh Post (Pa.), Dec. 14, 1889, p. 12]




For more than two dozen similar cases, dating from 1658 to 2011, see the summary list with links see: The Husband-Killing Syndicates


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