Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ulisa Mary Chavers, Virginia Serial Killer - 2008

Ulisa Chavers’ boyfriend Reginal Cody Bowles died in Amelia, Virginia in 1994. His remains were found at the bottom of a well on his  property. After Cody Bowles disappeared, Chavers told a neighbor he had moved to Florida to be closer to one of his sons.  Benztropine, a prescription drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease and other conditions, was used as a poison to murder him. Ulisa was convicted of the crime December 15, 2010 and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. She was the suspect in the cause of two previous deaths, one, a clear homicide, the other is regarded as probable homicide.

Ulisa was already in prison at the time of the murder conviction for charges of concealing the  body of Mr. Bowles and nine counts of embezzlement that netted her at total  175,000 in social security checks an insurance, monies acquired from three separate murders. She had claimed that after Clent had died of natural causes, she dug a hole and dumped him from his wheelchair into it and buried him.

In 2004 Ulisa was living with her then husband Clent Chaver. They lived in a trailer with Clent’s mother, Eleanor Bowles, died July 5, 2004. A year before her death Eleanor had bought a burial plot and headstone, but within a year, a refund was given. Soon after that refund, she died and was immediately cremated while in Chavers' care. Ulisa had been in charge of giving her mother-in-law her medication.

Clent, 68, himself disappeared around Christmastime in 2006. It was not until April 10, 2009 that his headless remains were discovered in 2009. During the excavation of Clent Chavers’ body, four fractured facial bones were found where the head used to be. The Coroner reported that these particular bones are strong and hard bones and cannot be easily broken absent a severe trauma. It was also concluded that those injuries were made prior to or during death.


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For links to other cases of woman who murdered 2 or more husbands (or paramours), see Black Widow Serial Killers.


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