Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mahin Qadiri “The Agatha Christie Serial Killer” of Iran - 2009

Mahin Qadiri has been called “Iran’s first female serial killer.” Such a claim is not justified. It is only recently that law enforcement records in the West, let alone the East, would reflect the category “serial killer.” In the past – anywhere in the world – such cases would often not be distinguished in conviction records since many serial killers are tried for only one murder, usually the most recent one. In the East, old records and newspapers that might mention cases that today we would classify as “serial killers,” have most certainly not been sifted through in search of reports of serial killers. The difficulty in locating such records of crimes (prosecuted as well as non-prosecuted) is compounded in countries where isolated ethnic groups in remote regions exist.

[By Robert St. Estephe, Sep. 22, 2011]


Between February and May, 2009, Mahin Qadiri, 32-years-old, of Qazvin, north-west of Tehran, murdered five women and one man by rendering them unconscious and strangling them. In her confession the murderess revealed that she gotten ideas from novels by Agatha Christie to help her avoid detection.

"It is likely that the murderer took revenge on women who resembled her mother and were of the same age because of her intense hatred of her own mother," the police chief, Akbar Hedayati said. “Many of Christie's books describe killers using drugs. The novels, some of which depict unsolved murders, are popular among Iranians. The writer, who died in 1976, visited Iran several times and used it as the setting for one of her stories, The House At Shiraz.”

It was one woman who had been marked by Mahin for murder but who escaped that gave police the break that led to discovering the murderess. The victim had been given a ride by Mahin, became suspicious, and got out of the car. After checking cars matching the description the woman gave them, their attention was drawn to Mahin by records showing she had been fined after a recent road accident.

She was found guilty and on December 20, 2010 she was hanged.

[Robert St. Estephe, Sep. 22, 2011 -- based on sources: “Iran catches its 'first female serial killer' An Iranian woman has been arrested over the serial murders of five elderly women in the northern city of Qazvin, it has been reported.” The Telegraph (London, England),  May 22, 2009; “Iran arrests 'Agatha Christie serial killer'; Woman accused of drugging, suffocating and robbing her victims was inspired by classic crime novels, police claim,” The Guardian (London, England), May 21, 2009]



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