Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yvette Lelièvre, Budget-Minded Serial Killer Mom - 1969

FULL TEXT: Yvette Lelièvre, with the help of her husband and his mother had removed - usually by drowning - seven children she had given birth, she incinerated or buried in his garden at Saint-Pierre-lès-Nemours. This alarming discovery by the police in April 1969, would perhaps never have occurred without an anonymous letter of termination on the last day of infanticide, which took place three weeks earlier.

Successive pregnancies Yvette Lelièvre - it should say its permanent state of pregnancy - are not particularly attracted the attention of residents who never surprised to see that the family had no more than five children, to remain high under perfectly normal. Instead, the neighbors are Lelièvre are good people.

The Assize Court nevertheless likely to have a different view and judge with severity explanations given by the killer. Here is an example: “I kept the first child because we wanted to reach family allowances and get a loan to buy the house.”

The couple, nor the mother of Yvette Lelièvre, has expressed no remorse to investigators. Moreover, he seemed not to understand the case against him. For him, get rid of all newborns surplus seems to be a simple case of "family planning" - except that the word is unknown savant too Lelièvre, although they are not simple-minded.

[“The monstrous ‘family planning’ of Lelièvre,” Archives Larousse, Apr. 1969]


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