Thursday, September 22, 2011

Frau Kapruczan Murdered 4 of Her Own Husbands & Helped Murder 5 Others: Hungary - 1912

FULL TEXT: VIENNA, April 23. A woman who has been arrested at Lippa, in Hungary [currently Lipova in Romania], has confessed that she murdered four of her husbands. She is now married to an innkeeper named Kapruczan.

Owing to the revelations she has made five other woman of the same town have been arrested for murdering their first husbands. From the admission of Frau Kapruczan, it appears that she made a regular business of helping her neighbours to get rid of their husbands in order to marry other men.

There appear to have been no monetary reasons for the crimes.

[“Female Bluebeard. - Woman Confesses Murder Of Four Husbands.” Wanganui Chronicle (New Zealand), Jun. 6, 1912, p. 8]



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