Thursday, September 15, 2011

Name it a hoax!

A new propaganda campaign called “Name The Problem,” devoted to covering up the fact that violence is not “gendered” has appeared on facebook (January 2013).

Violence is not “gendered.”

Yet here is the language of disinformation that Name the Problem disseminates:

Whether male violence is due to masculine gender socialization or male biology, we cannot answer these questions if we continue to avoid this discussion. We cannot fix a problem that we refuse to name. Name it. Say it with us: Male violence.”

The notion that women are not violent is every bit as insidious a lie as the National Socialist claim that “Aryans” are genetically to non-“Ayrans.” This is not a facile correlation, it is an exact one. The radical misandrists among us are similar in the extreme to the radical eugenicists of the Third Reich (and to the British and American eugenicists who inspired them).

If you want to name the problem accurately, the problem is sociopathic lust for power on the part of authoritarians who would love to be big salary big wigs is a full scale police state.

This new campaign of disinformation devoted to covering up violence perpetuated by women (and by governmental bodies, called “democide”) by directing attention toward just one segment of the violent population is examined in this chilling article:

Greg Canning, “Happy Saint Vagina Day,” A Voice for Men, Feb. 3, 2013


The Unknown History of MISANDRY blog “Names It” all the time. Violence is not “gendered.” But the only way we can fight the propaganda (with its huge number of salaried propagandists (and its borrowed-from-China $) is to keep exposing female violence. On a larger scale. Register Her is excellent but needs to expand, I believe.

Please take a look at these resources — a new tag on UHoM — “Violence by Women (General).”

There is an enormous amount of material there that can be used to fight the fraud of “gendered” violence.

If you really want to leave a biting comment somewhere countering a hate-monger, consider quoting from the always useful, always enlightening “Women Who Like to Torture” collection. This post is indeed a weapon of mass instruction.

Sugar and spice and sadistic vice.


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