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Dear Diary, I’m a female serial killer!

Female serial killers who kept diaries or other written records of their murders. Some discuss their murders and some merely discuss “relationships” and “feelings.”


1610 – Elizabeth BathoryCsejte, Kingdom of Hungary (today Čachtice, Slovakia) 

Castle servants claimed 100-200, but legend has it that Erzebet kept a diary that listed all 650 of her victims.

1676 – Marquise de Brinvilliers – Paris, France

The Marquise fled to London, where she remained three years. Then she returned to France and entered a convent. She was enticed from it and arrested. In her cell was found a diary. It showed that had not only poisoned her father and two brothers, and many hospital patients, but her own child and two servants as well.

1889 – Sophie von Mesko – Lipes, Hungary

Quite recently the police, in the course of a domiciliary visit, discovered the diary in which she had entered with the greatest minuteness a number of details concerning her relations with her many lovers, and the still more damaging revelation that she had killed four other children by different lovers.

1893 – “Kuttenberg Baby-Killers” Bohemia (Czech, Austrian Empire) 

“The discovery of this wholesale system of baby murdering was brought about by accident, or the women might have continued their prosperous business for for years to come. So safe did they feel themselves from detection that one of them kept regular ledgers, in which was inscribed the sums received, the person the money was received from, the age and description of the child, and the date it was disposed of. But the help of this horrible record of crimes the authorities anticipate not only convicting and effectually disposing of these two female friends, but they also anticipate being able to make a large number of arrests and bring numbers of others to the bar of justice.”

1912 – Louise Lindloff – Chicago, Illinois, USA

“A ledger found hidden behind a secret lock in the closet in Mrs. Lindloff’s home is said by the police to show a complete record of the deaths of members of the household, together with the amounts of insurance collected. This book, written in German, is regarded by the prosecution as circumstantial evidence to uphold the theory of murder carried on as a cold, commercial proposition. It is held by the prosecution that in this book Mrs. Lindloff kept careful account of her resources and that whenever she needed money she planned a death. Suspicion was diverted, it is believed, by her frequent changes of residence.”

1920 – Raya & Sekina Aly Hammam – Alexandria, Egypt

“[T]he sisters gave the names of the miserable cutthroats whom they employed, and Sekina capped the mountain of atrocities by producing a notebook in which she kept accurate entries of the amounts in cash and in gems realized from the corpses and the sums each had cost her in miserly fees to the executioners.”

1926 – Josefa Szanyi (Josephine Tsany) – Budapest, Hungary

She has preserved diaries in which she records with amazing details the facts of each case, describing the sufferings of the victims as each in turn lay writhing in her arms in his death throes.

1965 – Myra Hindley – Hattersley, England

Her diary was devoted primarily to her obsession with her serial rape/murder partner, Ian Brady:

“I hope he loves me, and will marry me some day.”

“He is cruel and selfish, and I love him.”

1968 – Mary Bell – Scottswood, England

MARY’S NOTEBOOK: On May 27, 1986, the day Mary and Norma ransacked the Day School nursery and left behind scrawled boasts of having murdered, “Mary Bell drew a picture in her notebook of a child in the same pose as that in which Martin Brown had been found, with a bottle near him with the word "TABLET.." There was a man walking toward the child. It read, ‘On saturday I was in the house, and my mam sent Me to ask Norma if she Would come up the top with me? we went up and we came down at Magrets Road and there were crowds of people beside an old house. I asked what was the matter. there had been a boy who Just lay down and Died.’ Mary's notebook entry did not strike the teacher as odd, although she was the only student who wrote on Martin's death.” [Shirley Lynn Scott, “Mary Bell: Portrait of a Killer as a Young Girl.” Crime Library,, undated]

1978 – Cecile Bombeek – Ghent, Belgium

Time magazine reported that the killer was caught through the efforts of fellow nuns working in the 38-bed geriatric ward, who kept a diary of mysterious deaths and other irregularities.

1986 – Bobbie Sue Terrell (Dudley) – St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Police found, under the nurse’s mattress, five pages of notes “listing the patients’ deaths, identifying them by number and indicating what time they died.

1996 – Lyudmila Spesivtseva – Novosibirsk, Siberia

Mother and son serial killer cannibal team: A diary was found that documented the murders of 19 girls. They were suspected in a total of at least 32 murders.

1998 – Sante Kimes – New York, Bahamas, California

"Despite the fact Silverman’s body was never found, both mother and son were convicted of murder in 2000, in no small part because of the discovery of Kimes’ notebooks detailing the crime."

2001 – Kathleen Megan Folbigg – Mayfield, NSW, Australia – murdered 3 of her own children.

– “With Sarah, all I wanted was her to shut up. And one day, she did.”

– “Even though I’m responsible, it’s alright. She accepts and is happy... She’s a fairly good-natured baby, thank goodness - it saved her from the fate of her siblings. I think she was warned. …another one like Sarah. She saved her life by being different.”

– “I feel like the worst mother on this earth, scared that she’ll leave me now like Sarah did. I knew I was short-tempered, and cruel, sometimes, to her, and she left - with a bit of help.”

– “…would like all my mistakes and terrible thinking be corrected and mean something, though. Obviously, I’m my father’s daughter.”

2004 – Sonya Caleffi – Como, Italy

An anorexic nurse who has admitted killing patients at a new Milan hospital to make herself feel powerful and important kept a diary noting details of their deaths.

2009 – Harsimrat “Simmi” Kahlon – Calgary, Canada

Three infanticides over a period of four years were discovered following the death of the serial killer mom.

Forensic psychologist Dr. Thomas Dalby worked with investigators to perform a kind of “psychological autopsy” to reconstruct the woman’s state of mind. In Kahlon’s diary, which she kept in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi, she wrote often that she felt worthless but there were few references to the babies.”It was clear that she was significantly depressed at times, looked at herself as worthless, and had lost her will for life,” said Dalby. Through interviews with friends and family, investigators found that Kahlon often overreacted to situations and would be happy one day and totally depressed the next. Dalby said it was unusual for a mother to keep the bodies of infants in close proximity after killing them.

Bruna kept a diary. After her arrest a controversy arose resulting from her written claim that the mayor of of the municipality of Conde, Aluísio Régis, was connected through “The Cartel” to the cannibal sect.

2015 – Elena Lobacheva – Moscow, Russia

“When Elena Lobacheva’s apartment was searched, police found five knives and on her computer, a “step-by-step instruction to killing people and photos of all of her victims with their stomachs cut open and body parts cut off.” Folders titled “Tenderness” and “Need this” contained hundreds of pictures and videos of torture and executions. In a notebook Lobacheva had recorded the number of knife wounds on the gang’s victims’ bodies.” [Will Stewart, “‘Bride of Chucky’ serial killer felt ‘sexual pleasure’ while knifing victims,” The Sun, June 22, 2017]

2015 – Tamara Samsonova – St. Petersburg, Russia

Arrested at the age of 67 on suspicion of murder, Samsonova’s diary, written in Russian, German and English, detailing a reported ten murders. Initial accounts of the case imply that all of the suspected murders involved the dismemberment of victims' corpses and the distribution of body parts in plastic bags throughout St. Petersburg.

2018 – Lucy Letby – Chester, England
"I am evil."




Lucy Letby


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