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Romania – Female Serial Killers & Husband Killing Syndicates

The sources used in this preliminary research are all English language. As such the reports contain many variants in transliteration of place names and personal names. During the period in question the locales were within the Austro-Hungarian empire and English newspapers typically listed the nation as “Hungary.” It should also be noted that since several different languages are used in these regions there are numerous different “correct” place names for each locale and that some of the names’ standard spelliung has chaned over time.


1877 – Gross-Szent-Miklos – Rakitta Fira Bogyok & Softa Esutorina

1895 – Pecia (Pecksa) – Marie Hevesy
1897 – Maria Ulica Zsebely, Temesvar, Romania
1898 – Emilie Thiele, Maria Pisturin & Ida Gro – Temesvar, Romania
1899 – Jebel, Timisoara (Timis county) (Szebely, Temesvar) – Marie Nikodem & Lisa Triku

1900 – Chisoda – Nikola Bettuz

1906 – Satchinez commune (Serbian: Kneez, Knez), Temesvar – Martha Petromany (Petrobany, etc.)
1912 – Johanna Kapruczan – Lippa, Romania, "Hungary"
1933 – Villagos (Siria), Arad – Florica Duma & Ilona Kovacs


Also, posts on individual cases related to a “syndicate”:

1906 – Satchinez commune (Serbian: Kneez, Knez), Temesvar – Catherine Biber

1906 – Satchinez commune (Serbian: Kneez, Knez), Temesvar – “Knez Four-Time Black Widow” (name yet undetermined)

1907 – Satchinez commune (Serbian: Kneez, Knez), Temesvar – Frau Hazyok

Also, a female bandit serial murderess from Romania:

1902 – Jassy – Female Bandit (name presently undetermined)


For more than two dozen similar cases, dating from 1658 to 2011, see the summary list with links see: The Husband-Killing Syndicates


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