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5-Year-Old Robert Ware: Parental Alienation on Public Display - 1941

FULL TEXT (article 1 of 3): The tears of his stepmother and his two stepsisters failed yesterday to prevent 5 year old Robert Ware from being sent home to Georgia with his mother. Judge Oscar F. Nelson gave custody of the child to Mrs. Eula Ware, 23, of Dalton, Ga., on habeas corpus proceedings she had brought against her former husband, George, 24, of 3411 North Kenton avenue.

Ware divorced the boy’s mother last Oct. 7 in Georgia and was granted custody of Robert, with the provision that the child should remain in the care of his maternal grandmother in Dalton. On July 10, however, Ware obtained court permission there to bring Robert to Chicago for three months. The mother followed them there.

Ware’s present wife, Florence, 29, and her children by a previous marriage, Phyllis, 10, and Joan, 9, protested Judge Nelson’s order. The judge blamed Ware for refusing to let his former wife see the boy after she arrived here, and stated that Ware’s present wife was apparently so attached to the boy that she would never permit his return to Georgia unless it was ordered.

[“Win’s Custody,” Chicago Daily Tribune (Ca.), Aug. 13, 1941, p. 3]


PHOTO CAPTION (Article 2 of 3): Hides From Mother – Attempting to hide from his mother as she pleaded for his custody. Robert Ware, 5, is shown taking refuge under a table in the chambers of Chicago Superior Judge Oscar F. Nelson. The judge awarded custody of the boy to the mother, Mrs. Eula Ware of Dalton, Ga., and accused the divorced husband. George Ware, of poisoning the child's mind against his mother.

[“Hides From Mother,” syndicated (AP), The Morning Herald (Uniontown, Pa.), Aug. 19, 1941, p. 1]


FULL TEXT (Article 3 of 3): A mother and a foster mother fought in Judge Rudolph Desort’s Superior court yesterday for the custody of a 5 year old boy. They pulled him away from each other and out-shouted the court. The foster mother finally clutched the boy in her arms and ran swiftly out of the building.

The mother of the boy is Mrs. Eula Ware Dockery of Chattanooga, Tenn. The foster mother is Mrs. Florence Ware, now married to Mrs. Dockery’s former husband. George Ware and his wife, Florence, to give the boy to his mother until Sept. 2.

~ Reaches for Boy. ~

“She shan’t have him!” the foster mother shouted. “I won’t give him up!”

She reached for the boy. Both women at once seized the child who started crying. Each woman tugged at him. Both women shouted, ignoring Judge Desort’s orders that they cease battling and follow the court’s rulings.

While the hubbub was at its height, the foster mother grabbed the boy, ran out into the corridor, crossed to the city gall, and got into an elevator before any one could stop her.

~ Deputies Search for Her. ~

Judge Desort then ordered the attorneys, Joseph H. and Norman Becker, to prepare a contempt order for Florence, issued an attachment for her and sent deputies out to seek her and the boy.

The custody battle has been going on between the Georgia courts and those in Chicago for almost two years. Recently the Georgia court amended an order to give Mrs. Dockery custody of the boy during the summer and his present wife custody during the rest of the year.

[“Foster Mother Flees With Boy In Custody Fight,” Chicago Daily Tribune  (Il), Jul. 14, 1942, p. 8]






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