Friday, December 23, 2016

Parental Alienation in Child Custody Disputes: Historical Cases

• A) PAS Research article

• B) PAS in General

The Shakers and Systematic Parental Alienation
Dorothy Dix on Parental Alienation - 1919

• D) Alienation method used in proxy murder


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  1. I happened to find your blog online about Marlene Matchan. I am one of Marlene's sons and I find your comment/critique on her situation terribly incomplete and therefore erroneous. You don't know all the 'facts' and her granny wasn't 'toxic'. My grandpa and my mom's stepmom, the only 'grandma' I knew, were absolutely the best thing for my mom at that time. My mom's real mom WAS a perpetual drunk, and there are so many 'facts' that you don't know. Perhaps you could've done more research to your paper. Please contact me if you'd like to have more insight into this - but, using these articles to justify your position is faulty. You do not have all the facts and what all of that did to my mom has had long-lasting effect. The only manipulator in the whole deal was my mom's real mother (well, perhaps the judge, as well). Perhaps Louise McBride encouraged her daughter to tell the court she was happy after a mere two weeks, but my mom only lived with her mother for 3 years after that point. As soon as she was 12 (the age the court deemed she could choose who to live with) she ran away to live with her father and had no further contact with her mother. These articles do not prove parental alienation, but the manipulation of a child by a parent.