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Female Serial Killers Who Liked to Murder Women

The misandric myth that female violence is always defensive – primarily as the result of “oppression” of males – is challenged by such cases as these. Here is a selection of female serial killers who specialized in murdering women. Many of these psychopaths objectified other women in the form of exploiting and murdering them in partnership with males, yet there are just as many of these harpies who objectified other women with the assistance of only their own sick feminine egos.

An example why such lists as this one are valuable will be found on Yahoo Answers website. In January 2012 a student who was writing a paper for a psychology class asked this question: “Has the ever been a female serial killer that targeted only women?” Despite there being one answerer who offered Rosemary West as a single example, the “community” chose as “best answer” “No.”


1010 – Freydis Ericsdotter – Early (Viking) America – Murdered 5 women over political disputes.

1610 – Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed, “The Blood Countess” – Hungary – murdered, tortured and sexually mutilated young money, estimates vary, from 80 to 650.

1762 – Darya Saltykova – Russia – murdered 138 women; victims were tortured and sexually mutilated before death.

1868 – Marie Jeanneret – Switzerland – 8 women, 1 man, others.

1883 – “Kakoorgachi Serial Murderess” – Calcutta, India – suspected of murdering 6 women, lured by superstitious charms.

1884 – “Varanda, Hungary Black Widow” – Hungary – confessed to murdering “hundreds” of women, plus, incidentally, 3 husbands.

1891 – Rosalie Schneider – Austria – Couple raped and murdered 8 young women.

1892 – Guadalupe Martinez de Bejarano – Mexico – sexually tortured and murdered 3 orphan girls.

1903 – Mary McKnight – USA – murdered 5 women, 2 men, 3 children.

1906 – Mary Maher – Dunkitt, County Kilkenny, Ireland – age 11 when discovered (3 murders, 1 attempted murder; suicide)

This case is notable for the fact that the killer, only 11 years old had siblings of both sexes, yet she murdered (and attempted to murder) only sisters.

1917 – Leopoldine Kasparek – Austria – murdered 4 women; 12 additional women survived murder attempts; arrested 1917.

1920 – Raya & Sakina Aly Hammam – Alexandria, Egypt – murdered 17 women (and many more female victims suspected).

1922 – Jozefina Pasnik (couple) – Warsaw, Poland – She was accused of complicity in the murder of least seven women with her serial killer husband 37 year old Szczepan Paśnik.

1924 – Anastasia Permiakova – Russia – As leader of a gang she murdered 20 women and girls, using a hatchet.

1938 – Marie Becker, “The Belgian Borgia” – Belgium – Acting as a nurse, she murdered 10 wealthy elderly widows. 

1938 – Moulay Hassan – Fez, Morocco – tortured and murdered numerous girls.

1940 – Leonarda Ciancuilli, “The Soap Maker, “The Witch of Correggio” – Italy – murdered 3 women. Their bodies were used to make soap and cakes.

1945 – Hermine Braunsteiner, "The Stomping Mare" – Germany – guard at Ravensbruück concentration camp. According to witness testimony she whipped several women to death and in other instances killed women by stomping on them with her steel-studded jackboots, earning her the nickname “The Stomping Mare.” B. was not “just following orders,” rather she was acting to serve her personal sadistic pleasure.

1945 – Irma Grese, “Beast of Belsen” – Germany – National Socialist Party SS member, Average number of victims, 30 a day, motivated by “sport.” She murdered female inmates in the concentration camp by ordering them  to venture into forbidden zones where they would be shot by guards under strict orders to kill all trespassers. G. was not “just following orders,” rather she was acting to serve her personal sadistic pleasure.

1946Lottie Lockman Dupont, Indiana suspected of 5 murders, including husband, one elderly man, and 3 women.

1949 – Martha Beck – USA – With Raymond Fernandez, murder 3 women and a 3-year-old girl; both were executed.

1948 – Irmgard Swinka – Germany – Robbed and murdered 5 women.

1950 – Mariam Soulakiotis, “The Woman Rasputin” – Greece – murdered 177 young women. Victims were brutally whipped and tortured before their deaths.

1953 – Caroline Grills – Australia – murdered 3 women & 1 man.

1964 – Carmen, Delfina, & Mara Luisa de Jesús Gonzáles – Mexico – victims estimated to be 91, including 80 women.

1972 – Carolyn Elizabeth McCrary & Ginger McCrary TaylorAthens, Texas, etc. – 3 male accomplices in the crime family; 22 victims suspected, all of them female.

1980 – Charlene Gallego – USA – murdered 9 girls and women, mostly teenagers, with partner Gerald Gallego; victims were raped.

1980 – Robin Murphy –Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

1982 – Judith Neelley – USA – With her husband, she tortured, raped and murdered, by injecting drain cleaner into their blood, an estimated 15 young women.

1986 – Catherine Birnie – Australia – with her husband, David, she murdered 4 women; their fifth escaped, leading to the criminals’ apprehension.

1986 – Cynthia Coffman – USA – With James Marlow, strangled 4 women victims to death, 2 of whom were brutally sexually assaulted.

1989 – Gwendolyn Graham & Cathy Wood – Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA – 5 elderly women; nurse.

1991 – RuizVilleda, Anna Maria & Jimenez Rudolfo Infante – Matamoros, Mexico

1993 – Karla Homolka –  Canada – murdered 3 young women, including Homolka’s younger sister (with Paul Bernardo).

1994 – Dana Sue Gray – USA – Canyon Lake, California – 4 women plus one survivor; strangled with cord or stabbed.

1994 – Rosemary West – Gloucester, England

With her husband Frederick as her crime partner, she murdered and sexually abused 11 women, including her own daughter and step-daughter.

1996 – Michelle Martin – Belgium – With Marc Dutroux, murdered 6 teenage girls after raping and torturing them. This is the most complicated serial killer case in history, involving a large number of mysterious deaths of witnesses, police and others associated with the case during the course of the investigation as well as political intrigue at the highest levels of the Belgian government.

1996 – Lyudmilla Spesivtsev – Novosibirsk, Siberia – with son, Sasha, killed an estimated 32 teenage girls, who were raped by the son and cut up and cooked by the mother.

1998 – “PK” – Europe – murdered 2 women, the 3rd victim survived. All were complete strangers. 

2003 – Dana Stodolova & husband, Jaroslav – FSK couple – Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Dana Stodolova (34) and her husband confessed murdering and robbing eight elderly people, mostly women, over an eight year period. Some murders were made to appear to be accidental deaths or suicide. The killer couple was caught after their ninth intended victim survived.

2003 – Monique Olivier France & Belgium.

2003 – Duan Zhiqun – China – with partner Ma Yong (male) murdered 20 young women; both sentenced to death.

2006Juana Barraza, “La Mataviejitas” (The Old Lady Killer) – Mexico City, Mexico – murdered at least 29 women, some reports estimate total victims to be up to 49.2007 – H. D. Kempamma – India – arrested in Bangalore on Dec 30, 2007; murdered an estimated 10 women for their jewelry using cyanide.

2006 – Remedios Sanchez Sanchez – Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

2009 – Mahin Qadiri – Iran – murdered 5 women; she gave them an anesthetic-laced fruit drink and then strangled them.

2010 – Irina Gaidamachuk – Russia – murdered 17 women aged 61-86 with hammer or axe.
2016 – Cecilia Steyn – Krugersdorf, South Africa

2016 – Miranda Steyn – Krugersdorf, South Africa

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On June 22, 2013 a website called Fem It Up! Put out the following false statement in reference to The Unknown History of MISANDRY.
“Here’s a whole website devoted to exposing the history of “misandry” by telling the sordid tales of female serial killers who targeted men, like Vera Renczi and Viktoria Foedi Rieger. Don’t think the irony is lost on me that I am using a paranoid Men’s Rights site to make my case.”

[Christina Paschyn, “Jackie the Ripper: Where Are All the Female Serial Killers on TV?” Fem It Up!, Jun 22, 2013]

Apparently the author did not spend much time working on her psychiatric diagnosis of “paranoia,” since she failed to notice that the website is not devoted primarily to female serial killers, but also contains extensive historical sources on chivalry justice, racketeering (Heart Balm Racket, Badger Game, Alimony Racket, Allotment Annies, etc.), Revenge-Motivated Maternal Filicide, the early history of the Men’s Rights Movement (1910s-1920s), and most notably, violence by women against woman, as exemplified in “Female Serial Killers Who Liked to Murder Women” and “The Forgotten Serial Killers” about child care providers who murdered children (of both sexes, mind you).

The history of Female Serial Killers is, nevertheless, an important topic on The Unknown History of MISANDRY, it must be said..

Our research has identified 700 cases, the vast majority of them unknown to experts.

By the way, the majority of victims of female serial killers have been, in the aggregate, women and children.

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  1. Robert you are the mac daddy for the history of female depravity.
    I thank you for your diligence sir.
    I made a poster up of some of the psychopaths on this list to shut up some local femmies who were pointing to marc lepine.
    I forgot to include your url.
    I am sorry about that.
    By the time I realized it I was at the printers, the poster (was a 2 pager) was printed and wasn't turning back to adjust the poster. I will add your url if I ever use that particular poster again.

    1. This is the type of comment I want to see. The only reason this site exists is for people to see the value of the data for fighting against the liars and to ACTUALLY SPEND THE TIME AND EFFORT to make intelligent use of it.

      Even with URL, anybody will find either my version or another version of the story you reference. Does not matter.

      Also, don't miss "Misandric Fixation," "Acid Queens," "Stepmothers from Hell," "Give 'Em the Axe," "Champion Black Widow Serial Killers."

      There exists a very long trail of blood that "Herstory" has tried to bleach out, but which is now becoming visible again.

      RECOMMENDED: Buy this book IMMEDIATELY (cheap used hardcover): Patricia Pearson, "When She Was Bad: Violent Women and the Myth of Innocence." The book is a WEAPON OF MASS INSTRUCTION. Kaboom!

  2. Woman Convicted Of Genocide,-

    Viewing your excellent effort at ensuring that females do not get away with the white-washing generated by the femi-moralists, I am not certain whether or not you may have missed this female genocidal lunatic. Certainly needs to be included. Take whatever you need from the link. Cheers.

  3. What I find ... I guess "interesting"? about that story is that she was a minister of "family and women's affairs." She pretty much defined irony in action with that one.

  4. Simple. Cultural amnesia and psychological denial causes chivalrous men, social constructionists, the "critical theory" (Cultural Marxism") faithful, ordinary misandric "radical feminists" as well as the general public to both overlook and to assiduously censor the history of VbW (Violence by Women). You will find that Johanna Dennehy is -- because of this "forgetfulness" -- called UK's first serial killer." You see this “first” claim constantly every time a new case comes up. Wuornos is still called “first.” The serial killier being almost always male (or that they are 84% males) is repeated everywhere. The claim is false yet it is used by polemnicits to reinforce argumnentsa about violence that both excuses violent women and also advocates that they not be imprisoned. The fact is the study of violence by woimen and other forms of female aggression (false accusations, proxy violence, severe psycological abuse, relational aggression, malicious child-parent access denial, fraud, blackmail, etc.) gets something like 1-3% (I estimate) of the funding (and thus, examination) as male violence. The longest list of female serial killers (Vronsky) hyas about 140 cases. I list more 840. I never intended to put these on this site at the beginning (since I had no idea how much I would find), but the subject fits. Feminist censorship and tendentiousness is misandry, and in a different way so is chivalric censorship (whether active or passive.) People love to think about male monsters but the reality of (biologically and psychologically different) female monsters is too sscary for most people.

  5. New history of Russia: check "Gang of Amazons of Rostov", "Kansnoufimsk setial killer", Nadezhda Tsapok - mother and gang leader, she is also free now. Rosalia Zemlyachka - "communist" ( just serial killer).Deeper in history - Saltychiha, a noble who whipped her pretty female peasants to death.

    1. SEE our posts on these cases (use INDEX):
      1) "Gang of Amazons of Rostov" – see Inessa Tarverdiyeva
      2) "Kansnoufimsk serial killer" – see Irina Gaidamachuk
      3) Saltychiha –see Darya Saltykova
      4) Nadezhda Tsapok – not serial murder (Mass murder of 12; Nov. 4, 2010) – no post on this case.

  6. Russia is a country where feminism has power before revolution and enourmous power right after 1917. That is why females are not in jail. We dont even have life imprisonment or life sentence for them. The head of Russian family is "babushka", grandmom. If someone tells you matrisrchate is "kind" and "loving" 😖 Run! Russia is no 1 suicide rate especially among men, children. Biggest in alcoholism and drug use. It is most terrible system ever. Women in such families live incestuouse marriage with children, because they consider men "weak" and "unworthy". Just like this family crap of Spesivtsevs: Ludmila lives incestuose maarriage with her daughter now and used to live it with her son.