Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fajsz Husband-Killing Syndicate, Hungary - 1930

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): Budapest, Hungary, Feb. 6 – A new series of poison murders has been discovered in the village of Fajsz, authorities announced today, recalling the mass murders at Theisswinkel and adjacent towns, for which 36 women were put on trial at Szolnock last month.

Five women were arrested at Fajsz, accused of poisoning their husbands. One woman who was strongly suspected of the same crime committed suicide before police could arrest her.

[“5 Women Jailed in New Poison Murders,” syndicated (AP), Syracuse Herald (N.Y.), Feb. 6, 1930, p. 13]


FULL TEXT (article 2 of 2): Budapest, Hungary, Feb. 9. – It seems seems there is no end to the orgy of husband killing in Hungary, for five more women – this time in the town of Fajaz – have just been arrested by the police charged with dispatching their husbands with arsenic dropped in the evening soup.

Village tribunals in Hungary are getting hard-boiled about the treatment meted out to luckless spouses. A short time ago 3 out of 30 husband killers arrested in the towns of Tiszaughirev and Nagyrev were sentenced to death for their crimes and the punishment actually was carried out. Three others were given life imprisonment.

So when the gumshoe men were hot on the trail of the five new husband ridders things begzan to happen at Fajaz.

One grizzled old spouse swallowed a whole bottle of arsenic and died in a policeman’s arms. The others tried suicide also, but the p[olice were too quick, and, so the four others are lodged in jail to await trial.

The police stated that the graves of the husbands will be opened and the bodies exhumed this week in order to establish the truth about the alleged poisonings.

Most of these new cases, they say, date back to the pre-war time when wives were supposed to be tamer, gentler and more respectful to their husbands’ positions and persons.

[“Husband-Poisoning Breaks Out Again in Hungary – Five More Women Are Accused of Dropping Arsenic In the Evening Soup; One is a Suicide, But Others Are Lodged Behind Bars,” Pittsburg Post Gazette (Pa.), Feb. 10, 1930, p. 1]




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