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Cannibal Murderesses

1610 – Elizabeth Bathory – Hungary – sadistically murdered a large number of girls, perhaps hundreds, torturing them and biting off parts of their bodies. The legend that she bathed in the blood to preserve her youth is false. The reality of the “Blood Countess’s” perversions was much worse than the legend. (Serial Killer).

1663 – Queen Nzinga – Ndongo (Angola) – “[One account] claims that after becoming queen, she obtained a large, all male harem at her disposal. Her men fought to the death in order to spend the night with her and, after a single night of lovemaking, were put to death. It is also said that Nzinga made her male servants dress as women. In 1633, Nzinga's oldest brother died of cancer, which some attribute to her.” “It has been suggested that Queen Nzinga was a cannibal, Cannibalism was part of the lifestyle and dietary practices of the Imbangala tribe of Africa. Stories about Imbangala cannibalism were reported by African witnesses like the kings of Kongo who complained about it.” (Serial Killer)

1831 – Marie Breysse Martin – Peyrebeille, Lanarce commune, Ardèche, France – (Serial Killer)

1850 – Canadian Indian Cannibal Serial Killer – Her victims included two men, two women, three boys, and four girls, and she subsisted for some time upon their flesh. (Serial Killer).

1856 – Elizabeth Cahy – Hobarton, Australia – attacked a woman, chewing off a portion of her brow. 

1888 – Peace River Female Cannibal – Peace River region, Alberta, Canada – “The woman who is the cause of the present case of cannibalism turned wehtigo [a person possesses by an evil spirit that devours mankind] some years ago and killed and ate one of her children before she was suspected. … At intervals of four or five months her craving for human blood returns, and while in these fits it is reported she assails the first person she meets. Most of her children have fallen victims, having been slain with an ax. The half-breeds and Indians are in terror, and it is probable a police force will be sent to Peace river to arrest the man eater.” (Serial Killer)

1889 – “Abittibee Lake Cannibal Mother” – Abittibee Lake, Ontaria, Canada – “In the vicinity of Abittibee lake he was shown an Indian child whose grandmother had killed and eaten seven of her young children, the child’s father being the only one to escape.” (Serial Killer)

1892 – Miss Akkerman – Bessarabia (Moldova) – house guest who murdered two of her hosts’ children, and was caught eating the corpse of one of them.

1893 – Ann Bennett – Croydon, England – liked to attack women, biting pieces off of them.

1892 – “Chihuaha Cannibal Female Serial Killer” – Chihuaha, Mexico – kidnapped children and ate them. The locals’ punishment of her was a weird one. (Serial Killer).

1896 – Queen Piea Waar – St. John's Islands (Hermit Islands), Oceania.

1900 c (circa early 20th c.) – English “Jane” – Belgian Congo – On the run from English police after thrusting a hairpin through her husband's eye killing him, Jane ended up in the Congo, where she became one of the wives of a chieftain who converted her to cannibal practices.

1903 – “Cairo Cannibal Female Serial Killer” – Cairo, Egypt – kidnapped, murdered, cooked and ate numerous children. (Serial Killer).

1909 – Olga Ivanova Tamarin – Kurdino village, Novaya Ladoga, Russia – mother and 17-year old daughter; leaders of a large gang; daughter lured victims to the Tamarin home where they were robbed and murdered and cannibalized. 27 corpses were found. (Serial Killer).

1910 – Esteis Liberis – Barahona, Haiti – voodoo practitioner who ritually sacrificed and ate children. (Serial Killer).

1912 – Enriqueta Marti – Barcelona, Spain – grabbed street children, hired them out to pedophiles and murdered them, cooking their corpses to make “love potions.” (Serial Killer).

1913 – Frau Kocheritz – Berlin, Germany – She murdered her boyfriend, sliced out his heart, baked it and dined upon it. 

1932 – “The Paraiba Serial Child-Eater” – Paraiba, Brazil Serial child-eater. (Serial Killer)

1940 – Gordeeva Dmitriev-Andryunin PlaskinTokmok, Kyrgyzstan (Serial Killer)

1941 – Leonarda Cianciulli – Reggio Emilia, Italy – murdered and cooked 3 women, making cakes and soaps from their flesh. (Serial Killer).

1981 – Anna Zimmerman – Germany – murdered boyfriend, cut him into pieces, stored in freezer and cooked them to serve to her children.

1983 – Philippa Mdluli – Swaziland – cannibal chef.

1985 – Medina Sakirova –Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia (Soviet Union)

1991 – Omaima Aree Nelson – Costa Mesa, California – murdered, cooked and ate husband, boasting of her recipes.

1993 – Carolyn Gloria Blanton; legally changed name to Jane Lynn Woodry – Alamosa, Colorado – Blanton shot boyfriend Peter Michael Greene four times with a revolver, dismembered his body, wrapped his torso in a blanket, and stored it in a closet in his home, but took the legs home to her kitchen. She took bite-sized chunks from his legs and cooked a stew with them.

1995 – Filita Mashilipa – Zambia – prosecuted as a witch who killed and ate six of her own children in order to gain magical powers (Serial Killer). 

1996 – Lyudmila SpesivtsevaNovosibirsk, Siberia, Russia – with son, Sasha, killed an estimated 32 teenage girls, who were raped by the son and cut up and cooked by the mother. “The only living witness, 15-year-old Olga Galtseva, was forced to eat soup made out of her friend. She died a day after being discovered.” [Wikipedia] (Serial Killer)

2000 – Katherine Mary Knight – Aberdeen, NSW, Australia – a woman who had a long history of violence who murdered her husband, dismembered his corpse and cooked portions to be served in a diabolical ritual meal to his unwitting children.

2002 – Laurina Marie Aune – Nanaimo, B. C., Canada – cooked and ate 2-year-old daughter.

2002 – Valentina Dolbilina  – Manturovo, Russia – with her husband murdered a woman, cooked and ate her.

2002 – “Zhytomyr Cannibal Female Serial Killer” – Zhytomyr, Ukraine – 3 men and a woman were accused of murdering and cannibalizing up to six people.

2005 – “Krasny Sulin Female Cannibal” – Krasny Sulin, Russia – woman (name not disclosed)  and her two young adult sons murdered a neighbor then cooked and ate his body.

2008 – Ms. Jabarkhel – Kabul, Afghanistan – kidnapped and partially ate an 8-year-old girl.

2009 – Klara Mauerova – Brno, Czech Republic – cult member mother tortured her two young sons mercilessly over a period of six months. She sliced off pieces of one of the boys’ skin and served the flash to other cult members and forced the victim to eat portions of his own mutilated body.

2009 – Olesya Mostovschikova – Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia – murdered a female friend with an axe and with another female friend cooked at ate portions of the corpse. Olesya made a chilling detailed confession of her actions.

2009 – “Sunday” – Southern Sudan – mother who planned to eat her own newborn but ran off when the child was rescued was caught eating the corpse of another child.

2009 – Otty Sanchez – San Antonio, Texas – murdered her baby and ate portions of the child.

2012 – Bruna Oliveira da Silviera & Isabel Cristina Pires da Silviera – Garanhuns, Pernambuco state, Brazil – two women suspected, along with Seňor da Silviera, of murdering, cooking and eating parts of 10 young women. Some were made into food sold to villagers. The three belong to a cult that promotes depopulation. (Serial Killers).

2012 – “Chiang Mai, Thailand Mother” – Chiang Mai, Thailand – butchered and ate her two young sons – aged 1 and 5 – has claimed she was hallucinating and thought they were pigs.

2015 – Catherine Muthoni – Korogocho, Nairobi – Murder victims: Muthoni’s baby boy (1 week); neighbor’s children: Nyambura Gatei (4), Peter Gatei (10 days) “On February 17, 2015, Catherine Muthoni, 20, is alleged to have slit open her son’s belly, removed his intestines and eaten them before going to her friend’s house and killing two other children.” The same day she murdered her neighbor’s two children. [Stella Cherono, “Police detain woman in gruesome Korogocho triple murder,” Daily Nation (Nairobi, Kenya), Feb. 17, 2015] (Serial Killer)

2015 – Tamara Samsonova – St. Petersburg, Russia – On August 5, 2015 the sensational news that Samsonova may have cannibalized her victims appeared in the international media. Police are giving out little about their ongoing investigation, but reports are that the woman had cut out the lungs of those she murdered and consumed the organs. (Serial Killer) 

2017 – Natalia Baksheeva Krasnodar, Russia

2018 – Patricia Martinez Bernal Ecatepec, Mexico

2019 – Sofya Mikhailovna Zhukova – Berezovka, Khabarovsk, Russia

2022 – Laila Singh – Elanthoor, Kerala, India



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  1. Hello Mr. St. Estephe!
    I don't know a better way to show you this, so I'm posting a comment here:
    Some time ago, I discovered a case about a female Soviet serial killer and cannibal, only known by her four surnames: "Gordeeva-Dmitrieva-Andryunina-Plaksina"
    According to what the articles say, she was a migrant from Yakutia who killed and cannibalised five women in Kyrgyzstan's Chuy Valley during the 40s, and confessed to more than 40 similar murders across Russia, Siberia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia! I think this would be an interesting addition to your list.
    Articles here: (you might need a translator for this, it's in Russian only)
    (sorry for the doubled comment, new to Blogger and don't know how to edit my comments, or if you can do that at all)

  2. I don't see that japanese cannibal, here the link :

  3. I don't see that japanese cannibal, here the link :