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Tamara Ivanyutina, Ukranian Serial Killer & Her Serial Killer Family - 1987

Serial Killer Tamara Ivanyutina was the last woman to be executed in the Soviet Union (in Ukraine). Her parents and older sister were also repeat killers who operated from 1976 through 1987, employing Thallium (liquid Clerici,  highly toxic thallium-based solution). There were 40 episodes of proven poisoning committed by this family, 13 of them - with fatal. They were motivated by pecuniary gain in some cases, by personal resentment in others.

Tamara Ivanyutina committed 9 fatal poisonings – including the murder of two husbands – as well as 20 attempted murders.

Her older sister - Nina Matsibora Ivanyutina, us the same liquid poisoned her husband with Clerici. Her parents committed numerous murders, including the murders of a communal housemate and a cousin who had gossiped about the couple.

In September 1986, got a job as a dishwasher in a school. There she poisoned the school’s party organizer (deceased) and chemistry teacher (survived), who prevented her from stealing food from the dining room. She also poisoned two pupils, a  first grader and fifth grader, both who survived – for offending her having asking for scrap meat for their pets.

The end of the family’s murder career came after a mass poisoning in March 1987, when she poisoned 9 persons – students and staff – at a school where she worked. Two children and two adults died almost immediately, the other 9 people were in intensive care.

Tamara Ivanyutina, who during trial never admitted guilt despite having made a confession to police soon after arrest, explaining to the court that she was not culpable because had not been brought up that way.

[Source: Серийная отравительница Тамара Иванютина (Serial poisoner Tamara Ivanyutina) Источник:, Jun. 6, 2014]




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  1. >explaining to the court that she was not culpable because had "no education."

    Translation error, she said "не то воспитание", which means she "wasn't raised that way" (able to admit guilt or apologize).