Saturday, October 1, 2011

A South Sudanese Cannibal Mother Named Sunday - 2009

On November 3, 2009 a woman identified by police as “Sunday” was arrested in Juba in Southern Sudan after she was found in a cemetery near Konyo-Konyo market feasting on a corpse of a child. Police were tipped off by an area resident and arrived to find found Sunday devouring the corpse with red and green paper and onions. Yet she managed to outrun the officers discarding the body as she fled. She was located as she was just about to snatch a little boy.

Mark Tombe, the Criminal Investigation Department officer in Malakia police post, told reporters that "The woman wanted … to get another baby to eat but police could not give her that chance,"

It was learned that Sunday had recently given birth at Juba Teaching Hospital, according to Dr John Lomoro. At that Sunday revealed to hospital staff that she intended to eat the newborn. She managed to drink blood (presumably from the umbilical chord) before doctors arrived to take the baby from Sunday. The mother then ran off.

Lomoro continued that she wanted to eat her baby but the doctors came in to rescue the girl. “She ended up drinking the blood of the baby after delivering her,” Lomoro said.

The rescued baby girl was dubbed “Innocent” by her benefactors. [UHoM]

[Based on: “Woman suspected of cannibalism arrested in southern Sudan capital.” The Juba Post (South Sudan), Nov. 8, 2009 (English language paper)]


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