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Miss Akkerman, Cannibal Child Murderer from Bessarabia - 1892

FULL TEXT: St. Petersburg, Nov. 11. – A most horrible story of cannibalism is reported from Bessarabia. A woman named Akkerman, a giantess in stature and strength, sought shelter at the house of a peasant woman named Yooreski Sariera. The woman and the peasant drank considerable, and when the supply of vodka gave out, Yooreski went out to get another bottle. She was gone quite a little time.

When she returned she was almost struck dumb with horror on finding that her guest in her absence had killed her baby, gnawed the soft parts of its body and sucked its blood and brains. The woman was then in the act of attempting to kill another child, a girl, who was seeking to escape from the hut, screaming at the top of her voice. The mother rushed in and tried to save her child from the murderess, but the latter struck the little girl with a bludgeon and killed her before her mother could reach her.

The mother's brain was turned by the terrible scene, and she became a raving maniac. She attempted to kill herself, but neighbors who had been attracted to the scene by her wild shrieks prevented her.

The Akkerman woman made a most desperate resistance to arrest. She fought like a tigress, and some of the peasants weft quite severely injured. She was finally overpowered and bound with ropes. Five men accompanied her to the jail.

The news of the terrible crime spread rapidly, and a number of men tried to take the prisoner from her guards to lynch her.

The woman was locked up. It is not known whether she is insane or not.

[“A Female Cannibal - Kills Two Children of Her Host and Partly Devours One of Them The Mother Becomes a Having Maniac Peasants Attempt to Lynch the Murderess.” syndicated, The Pittsburg Dispatch (Pa.), Nov. 12, 1892, p. 7]


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