Saturday, December 19, 2015

“Berlin Girl,” Sadistic Young Murderess – Germany, 1878

FULL TEXT: The killing of the Berlin baby that was dragged about in a bag was not from so inoffensive a motive as at first supposed. It seems that the sister in whose charge the child was left became exasperated because she had to look after the little one, and was thus prevented from joining in the frolics of her companions. The more she thought of it the wilder became her desire to get rid of the incumbrance, and in her rage she began to abuse the child in the most fiendish manner, being aided in her designs by some of the other children, who seemed to enter heartily into the spirit of the thing.

First, she filled the little one’s mouth with snow. That failing to quiet it, she next dipped the helpless thing into a quantity of water till it was nearly drowned. Then it was placed in the oven of the stove and burned and bruised, thrust under the stove. This still proving ineffectual the girl fiend threw into the cradle aud rushed up-stairs to get a saw, saying that she would saw its head off. This design was not carried out however, and another plan, that of placing it into a bag and dragging it about the room, was substituted and carried out before the horror-stricken mother arrived on the scene.

[“Fiendish Girl.” (From the Toronto Globe), The Evening Gazette (Port Jervis, N. Y.), Apr. 16, 1878, p. 2]



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