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Ann Ambra, “Allotment Annie” War Bride Fraudster – Florida, 1944

FULL TEXT: For a 19-year-old girl, Mrs. Ann Ambra, of Sarasota and Bristol, has had her quota of husbands but the F. B. I. and the U. S. marshal’s office yesterday put an end to the series by placing her in the county jail under $500 bond pending final hearing before U. S. Commissioner Pinkerton.

Mrs. Ambra, alias Mrs. Leslie Capers, alias Mrs. Aline Palmer, was only 13 years old when she married Leslie Capers in Appalachia in 1938. She lived with him for only a short time and then in 1941, without benefit of any known divorce or annulment, according to arresting officers, she married again, this time to a soldier, Joe Ambra, of Carrabelle.

She lived with him for six weeks and in November of 1943 married another soldier, Bryan Palmer, of Monticello. She only lived with Palmer for 13 days, she said.

~ Got Two Checks ~

Picked up on a morals charge in Sarasota three months ago, authorities soon noticed that allotment checks from both Ambra and Palmer were forwarded to her. This led to her arrest yesterday by a deputy U. S. marshal on a charge of fraudulently obtaining and cashing government checks.

Under questioning, she said her aunt told her several years ago that her marriage to Capera had been annulled and that was why she thought nothing of marrying Ambra.

 “I still go by the name of Ambra because he is the only one I really love. Just as soon as he gets back from overseas and I get out of this mess I’m in, I want to go back to live with him again,” she said.

~ In Good Humor ~

Throughout all her questioning, she remained in good humor and did not seem to realize the seriousness of the federal charge lodged against her. She was glad to let a Tribune photographer take her picture, and as she drove off to jail in an officer’s car, she had the driver stop and requested an extra print of the picture “if it is any good.”

Going down the elevator on the way to jail, she saw a soldier and his wife walking down a hall of the federal building.

“If these girls only knew what trouble they could get into messing around with soldiers, they wouldn’t do it,” she said.

Final hearing will be held Wednesday morning at 10 o’clock before Commissioner Pinkerton.

[“Woman, 19, Arrested By U. S. On Fraudulent Check Charge,” Tampa Morning Tribune (Fl.), Aug. 5, 1944, P. 6]




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