Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Dorothy S. Smith, “Allotment Annie” Military Bride Fraudster – Washington, DC - 1958

FULL TEXT: Baltimore, June 28. – Mrs. Dorothy S. Smith had a “propensity for marriages,” her lawyer admitted.

He was putting it mildly.

For the 30-year-old attendant in a Washington hospital was married five times within five years. And only one of them – to James Smith – was legal.

The woman’s whirlwind parade of husbands came out before Federal Judge Roszel C. Thomsen yesterday. She was charged with receiving army allotment checks illegally from her fourth husband.

She pleaded guilty. But Judge Thomsen permitted her to withdraw the plea and remain free on bail until he receives a probation report.

[“She’s Fond of ‘I Do’,” Spokane Daily Chronicle (Wa.), Jun. 28, 1958, p. 11]


FULL TEXT: A five-times married blonde-haired women was sentenced to six months in prison yesterday in Federal Court for illegally receiving an allotment check from a soldier.

Mrs. Dorothy S. Smith, 30, of Washington, admitted the five marriage ceremonies she went through in a matter of five years caused her to get a $21 Government check to which she was not entitled.

William J. Evans, assistant United States attorney, contended only one of the five marriages was a proper one. The other marriages were made before a divorce was obtained, he said.

[“Woman Jailed In Check Case,” The Sun (Baltimore, Md.), Aug. 16, 1958, P. 8]


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