Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Edith Ray Clark, “Allotment Annie” War Bride Fraudster – Alabama, 1944

FULL TEXT: Sheriff B. G. Farmer said today evidence had been uncovered that an undetermined number of Negro women in Dothan are receiving dependency checks from more than one soldier and investigation is being made by the Federal Bureau of Investigation which might lead by wholesale arrests.

The first evidence that women are following the practice of receiving checks from more than one soldier was revealed when the sheriff reported the arrest of woman identified as Edith Ray Clark, Negro, on a bigamy charge and subsequent information that she was receiving dependency allotment checks from at least two soldiers.

Shortly after the sheriff reported the arrest of the Clark woman, information reached his office that other women are doing the same thing. The sheriff said he had passed the information on to the FBI investigating the Clark woman’s case.

The sheriff did not say whether any white woman were reportedly involved, but he expressed the belief that a thorough investigation will likely terminate in breaking up a wide-scale racket.

“Because this is out of our jurisdiction we are turning the matter over to the FBI,” Sheriff Farmer said, adding “Federal officers have access to certain records which will reveal the names of persons in Dothan who are receiving allotment checks from more than one soldier.”

[“FBI Investigating Dependency Frauds, Says Sheriff Farmer Says,” The Dothan Eagle (Al.), Jun. 7, 1944, p. 1]


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