Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Rachel Rivers Bell, “Allotment Annie” Military Bride Fraudster – Mississippi, 1944

FULL TEXT: Nineteen-year-old Rachel Rivers Bell was given a three-year sentence by Judge Sidney Mize in Federal Court yesterday on seven counts of violations of the Servicemen’s Dependency Allotment Act.

The attractive little brunette plead guilty to marrying three servicemen without obtaining a divorce from any of them. At one period Rachel Bell was receiving monthly allotment checks for $50 from, two ‘husbands’ at the same time.

In 1941 she married her first husband Albert Schmittou Jr. of Memphis from whom she is now divorced. In September, 1942 she is now divorced. In September, 1942 she was married to Pvt. Clayton W. Spence at Leesville, La. And in December, 1943 at Brandon she married Oscar W. Nettles of Jackson.

When Rachel Rivers Bell was arrested shortly before Federal Court began session here it was found that there had been a petition fort divorce from Schmittou filed some time ago but no action was taken on it until last month.

She received some of the $50 allotment checks at Clinton where her grandparents live and some at Biloxi. Her mother is a resident of Memphis.

During the time Rachel Bell was receiving checks from several husbands she was arrested by the local police department a number of times for vagrancy and for the Health Department.

A similar case of a white woman receiving dependency allotments from various ‘husbands’ is expected to come before this term of the Federal Court, Aline Smith is under bond to appear before this U. S. district court on like charge.

[“Teenager Sentenced On Allotment Fraud; Clinton Girl Gets Year-Per-Husband,” Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, Miss.), May 10, 1944, p. 2]


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